CBSE removed language barriers for candidates opting for Central Teacher Eligibility Test


After CBSE announced to scrap 17 languages for candidates willing to take the exam for Central Teacher Eligibility Test, candidates as well as states having different regional languages speaking people were concerned about their future.

The education department had limited the candidates up to three languages such as Sanskrit, English and Hindi and they had no choice except leaving the exam.

Prakash Javadekar tweeted “CTET examination will be conducted in all Indian languages as was being conducted earlier. I have already directed @cbseindia29 to conduct examination in all the 20 languages as was being done earlier.”


Why you need to hire a language translation agency?


Some people think that the role of a language translation agency is to provide translation services in different languages so that people can read the content of unknown language in their own native language. Such types of translation include book translation, document translation and certificate translation etc. Nevertheless, nowadays, the role of a language translation agency is much more than our expectations.

If we talk about business development, revenue generation, getting new clients and customers, retaining old consumers, promoting our products and services, a language translation agency has played a very important role in promoting all these things online. Through a language translation agency, a lot of communication companies have been able to create new history by developing their software in multiple local languages, which are common language of people.


In addition to this, a language translation agency provides translator or linguist to communicate on your behalf to your client who speaks a foreign language. An interpreter listens to your communication or sentences and then interprets that conversation to your client in his or her native language. This way a language translation agency works to bridge language gap between two language hurdles.

A language translation agency offers language services in all local and international languages through their native translators. For any kind of translation query or language translation services problem, you should visit the website translation services provider and read about their services.

Hire a Language Translation Agency to conquer linguistic barriers

Linguist problem is such a big hurdle in business marketing strategy that lots of effective business statistics suffer unexpected lost. Therefore, if you have a small or big business, which you want to develop in local as well as international market to great extent, you should understand the major problems you will face while promoting your business and services.

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Document translation services in local Indian languages


The requirement for document translation services is increasing day by day because of different reasons not only in national languages but in international languages as well. Thousands of translation agencies are offering document translation services all over the world.

Indian nationals are always in search of good translation agencies especially the students going abroad for higher studies because they require submitting their document in the official language of that country where they want to study.

First, they documents are submitted in the embassy for verification after which they are submitted in the concerned college or department.

If the documents are in English or in the language of that country, a candidate can directly appear with them but if they are not, then the candidate has to submit document translation.

If you are living in India or living abroad and looking for document translation services, you can find document translation services from anywhere in the world. If your documents are in local Indian language like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, you will find lots of people understanding these languages.

But as far as the document translation services are concerned, you need to contact a translation agency as they understand what kind of experience and skills are needed for document translation.

Just being a linguist for document translation services is not enough. There are some specific fields like legal, medical, financial etc, for which linguists need to have the mastery of technical language also. For different fields, there are different teams of translators.

For example, if your document is a legal one, then you need to have an expert in legal terminology. If your document relates to medical certificate, medical report etc, then a medical translator is a good choice.

A translation agency has the database of all the translators with them and when people contact them for document translation services, they check everything. Based on the experience of the translator, they assign the job and fix everything.


What is programming language compiler?

Learn about Compiler


Some people are confused about computer programming language and human language. Computer programming languages are technical languages used for a computer. Nobody can talk to each other in Computer programming languages, so these programming languages are useless for human beings.

These programming languages have their own parameters, sentence structure, symbols, and codes. Nevertheless, in human languages, everything has a name, which identifies itself. Sometimes, a single word is enough to express long meaning. In addition, if a person while talking to someone misses some words in the conversation, another person is able to understand his meaning.

However, it does not happen in Computer programming languages programs. If even a single letter is missing from the sentence, then the software will not understand the sentence. No, human translator is in a position to translate one language into another and no translation agency has any software to translate or interpret Computer programming languages.

What is compiler?

Compile means gathering or assembling something. A compiler is computer programming software, which collects all the computer codes in it. These codes are known as the source language or programming language.


After feeding the whole computer codes in the software, it starts translating them or converting them into the specific target language, which is another new language. Computer compilers work like human translators for computers and support digital devices.

If you do not have computer science knowledge then it would be a bit difficult to understand such things, but if you keep reading more and more about computer programming languages, you will be able to define each of them in detail.

These codes or source language is very high level programming language. No computer can understand directly these languages. However, a compiler, which is also a software or program, converts these high level languages into lower level languages, which results in an executive program.

What is the duty of a programmer?

A programmer is assigned the duty to develop software. When a software is developed, it should be easy to run, and easy to understand, which depends on the lower level language.

Therefore, a programmer tries to use such computer codes, which can be transformed in the easiest lower level language.



Computer Programming Languages and their Weird Names


The main concept of computer programming languages or the idea of computer programming languages for developing a software is to solve different types of problems happens in our life. To solve such problems, a predefined structure is needed, which works as the base of the program.

When these computer-programming languages are developed lots of things are kept in mind. For example, their sentence structure, also known as syntax, should be understandable. The computer programming languages should be fast and bug-free.

These are the main principles, which should be strictly followed otherwise; their main idea is lost and does not work according to the structure.


The names of computer programming languages are weird, but it does not mean they do not have any logic behind them. The name of each and every language is based on their use and advantages. For example, everyone knows about HTML. However, how many of us know complete name of HTML? HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language.

Therefore, if you are going to learn computer-programming languages, it is necessary for you to learn about the languages first. If you learn deep about the names, their logic, source of name, then things will be quite different for you.


After learning about computer programming languages, no language will be weird for you. You will notice that learning about these languages is fun.


Tips To Keep In Mind While Looking For Certified Document Translation Agency


Finding a certified document translation agency is as simple as finding other information on Google or other search engines because every single translation agency is has a website to promote its translation services online. But finding a trusted and truthful document translation services could be a bit of tough task.

All the translation agencies are offering document translation services, if you contact anyone of them, you will get the reply in ‘Yes’. For a newcomer, it could be confusing which one he or she should start talking with about the document translation.

There are hundreds of languages spoken all over the world. No translation agency has the ability to cover all the languages spoken globally that is why some translation agencies depend on other translation agencies working in the same field.

In such cases, document translation becomes costlier and also creates a missing deadline risk. If you are looking for a document translation agency, you should keep everything in your mind to avoid last time delay or cancellation of project.


Read their website and see, if they are providing you the translation services in the language you are looking for. Ask the charges and deadline.

Different translation agencies have different charges, which depends on document’s content, language and deadline. You should talk at least 3 translation agencies to compare the price before assigning the job.

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