Tips to become Urdu Hindi Translator


There is a deep connection between Urdu and Hindi as both languages were born on Indian soil and majority of these languages speakers are found in India, however, Indians have reached every corner of the world for getting education, promote business and learn different things. As far as the spoken style is concerned, both are same. You can’t differentiate between them unless a pure language is used.

Due to popularity of the languages, they promise good career aspects in translation field, especially for those people who know a foreign language also. If you don’t know then you can learn a language of your choice like French, Japanese, German, Czech, Arabic etc.

If you already have the ability to translate from Urdu Hindi to any foreign language or from a foreign language into Urdu Hindi, what you have to do is contact a translation agency.

However, make sure you provide detailed information about your language experience, if possible provide some translation sample, which shows your mastery. Translation agencies prefer to contact a native linguist; it means they want a target language to be translated by a native person.

For example, your native languages are Hindi Urdu and a Czech document is supposed to be translated in Urdu or Hindi. Then the translation agency would like an Urdu or Hindi translator to translate the document from Czech language into Hindi or Urdu.

A translator whose mother tongue is Czech is not able to provide good quality in Urdu or Hindi. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that anyone can translate any language. To become a successful translator, a translator should have deep knowledge of vocabulary, proverbs, different jargons and good knowledge of subject.

If you know second language other than Hindi or Urdu then you can send your resume to a translation agency mentioning yourself as a fresher. But most of the translation agencies don’t prefer to new comers because translation is a very particular industry, which demands many parameters.

But still there are some translation agencies which assign small jobs like certificates, small slogans, one word image translation to new translators because new translators are either ready to take the job at very low cost or free to gain some experience. But the translation done by them, still need to be proofread and edited by a qualified editor or proofreader.

To know your mistakes and errors, you can ask the translation agency to give you some feedback about the translation. But, most of the translation agencies don’t do it because of busy schedule.

As a translator, your job requires you to learn every day. You should never think that you have acquired complete knowledge of a particular language because learning process never ends in translation industry.

Importance of Language Translation services

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The role of Language Translation services being necessary in many fields is significant in many ways because it is related to the languages. Hundreds of languages with varied dialects and accents are spoken all over the world and this is not possible for a human being to learn all of them.

However, there are people having expertise in learning more than 4-5 languages, and some people are able to master more than 10 languages, but still, it is not possible for anyone to get acquaintance with thousands of languages, that is why we require Language Translation services.

Language Translation services have hundreds of translators or linguists from different parts of the world or native people who offers their translation services on freelance basis, which means their job is not full time. They work only when they have extra time out of their busy schedule.

But, a person can contact Language Translation services for any type of language related query, whether it is translation, interpretation, transcription or even writing articles and blogs in local as well as international languages.

People travelling abroad always need passport translation, certificate translation, visa translation or educational certificate translation etc.

For example, you are an Arab citizen having a valid Arabic passport, which means the information provided about your credentials will be in Arabic language. You are going to travel to a European country, Arabic not being an official language of that country is not recognized by the concerned authority.

In that case, you will be asked to get your passport translated in the language of that country. This is one example; there several occasions when a person is needed to have document translation services.

Just because of the popularity and requirements of language translation services, several colleges and schools are running certificate courses in translation.

For more information about a translation agency or document translation, you can click here.

Focus on self-study first, if you want to be a great translator

Translation is such a field, which demands a keen interest to polish source language, learn a second language known as target language, do hard work and dedicate yourself towards your responsibility. Once a person collects all these items in his mind, he needs to do self-study about translation.


Simple Tips for Document Translation Services

Document translation services offered by translation agencies are getting significant importance because of their usages and demand by foreign countries as most of the documents are not in their official languages. The Document translation services, which are highly in demand include local languages as well as international languages include Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Kashmiri, Malayalam as well as German, Chinese, Czech, Romanian, Arabic, Turkey etc. there is a huge increase in people planning to visit foreign countries especially for education and business. As far as visiting a new country for holidays or other purpose is concerned, everything is arranged by the agent.


However, when someone plans for education or business, there are lots of formalities and procedures, which are sometimes very strict and impossible just because of the documentation.

For example, if you are an Arab national who completed his education in Egypt where Arabic is its official as well as national language so all the documents and certificates will be in Arabic language but if you are planning to visit Germany, you are supposed to provide the translation of your documents and German language also because German people don’t understand and speak Arabic language.

In such condition, Document translation services can help you a lot. As far as the translation is concerned, you can find many translation agencies online. There is wide range of translation agencies offering Document translation services but you should not believe anyone of them blindly.

You should read about the company online. If this is the genuine company offering Document translation services or if the company just want to get some reputation. You should also ask the concerned person if they have qualified and professional linguist to offer Document translation services or if the linguists are native or non-native.

Asking about Document translation services is your right. So make sure you are hiring a native linguist for your Document translation services.

Some translation agencies charge fixed price for Document translation services and some charge on per word basis. So make this thing clear in the beginning otherwise you might put yourself in trouble because it will give you an idea of how much you can afford and how much you are going to pay for your Document translation services.

You can read a lot online about Document translation services.

Do I Need Document Translation To Travel Around?

If you are planning to travel around or visiting a country for the first time there are so many important things you should keep in mind. Getting document translation services is one of them as they not only provide the translation but will also make you think that in foreign countries, your valued and important documents doesn’t have any authentication unless they are translated. If you think that your documents are duly stamped and signed by the concerned person or department and will be approved anywhere without any confusion, you have to think again.

If your documents or certificates are in English language or in the official language of the visiting country then you do not have to give a thought to it, otherwise you have to consider document translation services. For example, if someone comes to your home and speaks a foreign language which you cannot understand then what will you do? Obviously, you will not entertain him at all. But if he gives you some references of his whereabouts or contacts whom you know then you can think over it.

When you travel to a foreign country and do not have the documents, which the immigration department cannot understand, they will not accept your visa application. So, instead of wasting your time, why your genuine documents are not getting approval and what problem they may create for a visiting country, you should try to find a certified translation agency.

A translation agency can help you in document translation. Translation agency is a platform of translators or linguists having experiences in multiple languages. They are well qualified and experienced to translate any document and certificate. Some translators work on freelance basis and some translators are regular employees of the translation agencies as they have multiple projects to work on, like books, websites, legal agreements of courts etc.

There are hundreds of translation agencies, which you can find online, but make sure that you have access to a reliable translation agency to get document translation services.

Translation Services and international Business

Translation services and international business are two different fields in terms of their foundation and business strategies. Translation is related to languages, though a business is a word when a company or an organization deals in products and services. In this article, I would like to make a line between these two different fields and their association. Once you understand the meaning of their alliance, you can understand the importance of translation services. If you buy a product or services, you want to acquire as much information as possible so that when you use them you are sure about their quality, side effects, benefits and advantages.

But suppose, a person who speaks, German, French, Italian, Czech or English and he wants to buy some Dates from Saudi Arabia, the information provided on the packing of the Dates is in Arabic. If he or she doesn’t find the information in his mother tongue then what he will do? The doctor told him not to use anything sweet as it can affect his blood sugar level. So, the chances are either he will find the date with packaging that provides product’s detail in his native language or he will decide not to buy the dates. If he comes to know that a company sells Arabic date in his country and he can read complete description of the product then he will not wait anymore to buy the products.

This way, company will get a new customer and obviously, company will generate some revenue. The game doesn’t finish here; it will keep going on because the company will have a regular customer and the source of income.

Now, the question arises here is how the translation services helped the company? The translation services helped the company to get the Arabic translation done in whatever language the customer wants. There are lots of examples, which you can find around you. Translation services not only provide the translation of project description but they provide the translation of books, documents, certificates, websites and anything which you think can be read and studied in one or multiple languages.

To know more about translation services and translation agencies you can read here.


What Is a Translation Agency?

Translation agency is a bridge working as a tool to get two languages or multiple languages translated by translators or linguists. The role of the agency has assumed significant importance because of high demand in translation for wide range of purposes as people travelling across the globe for education, business, travel, treatment or any purpose always require translation services to understand and communicate the foreign language. Though, English is an international language but still it doesn’t serve the purpose in some cases. That’s why English language is also translated in multiple languages such as Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Arabic etc.

Translation is such a big field that it covers all types of documents, certificates, agreements, deeds, and communication between two people, interviews, telephonic conversation, pamphlets, medical records, legal cases or any text which serves the purpose of knowing anything. There is no end of translation as thousands of documents are translated everyday by the linguists or the translators. Translation agencies or translation service provider whether they are national agencies or international agencies help publishing houses to get the books translated. Translation has helped the people a lot to understand the history, science, and nature of a human being.

Translation agency provides thousands of jobs all over the world to the persons having at least two language experiences; one is a native language and second one could be a national language or any international language. If a person is able to understand, write and read a language professionally, especially the language which is in high demand, then he is able to earn a hefty amount sitting at home. A translation project can be from a single sentence to thousands of pages depending on the project and customers’ requirements. So, there is not an exact criterion of how much work you will get daily.

The famous the translation agency, the more work you will get according to your expertise in your field. For example, if you have the proficiency in medical translation and you provide 100 percent quality then there is no dearth for you. You can contact dozens of translation agencies, if they are satisfied with your work, you will have regular work from different translation agencies. There are lots of translators who are always busy in multiple projects. In addition to this, you are not bound to a single place. You are allowed to work as a freelancer. You just need to have a laptop and fast internet connection. Take your laptop anywhere you want and start the work.

There is always a competition in the market which pushes the agency to use advanced technology; some translation agencies uses translation friendly software, it provides up to date information of new projects. Once the project comes, translators receive a notification and if he or she is happy with the project, he or she can bid on it. If you are looking for a translation agency for any kind of translation services, you can find thousands of them online.