Things you do not know about document translation services

The world is so big but after the advent of internet, everything has become so small that you can hold it in your first but it does not mean you can control it. In every business, there are some vital points, which only learned men are aware of. So, in this article, we want to put some light on document translation services.

What is document translation service?

Document translation services mean converting the language of a document into another language. But merely converting a language will not serve its purpose because each document requires specific information and knowledge. For example, a legal document needs expertise in legal field and a medical document requires understanding medical terminology and awareness of pharmacy etc.

Which languages are covered in document translation services?

As far as the language is concerned, any language whether it is a local language or international language can be translated into another local language or international language, but document translation services are rendered as per the requirements of clients.

For the time being, people going from one country to another require document translation only in the language of the country where a person is headed for.

For example, a person living in India wants to study or do a business in Russia, France, Germany or any other country will need to get his documents translated in Russian, French, and German respectively because Hindi is not understood and spoken in those countries.

The concerned authority demands those documents to be in their official language so that they can read and understand the content or matter of the papers.

Who provides document translation services?

Language translation agency or translation service provider offers document translation services through teams of freelance translators from all over the world. A translation agency hires a translator after going through the resume, which includes translator’s expertise and experience in a particular field. For example, a translator has working experience of legal content then the translation agency assigns legal matter to that translator.

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How to translate a source language into German language with fluency


To translate a language into a foreign language like German, a linguist should be habitual to looking up words in dictionary and encyclopedia because without consulting with them, finding an appropriate word is not possible.

What is source language and target language?

But first of all, we would like to talk about a source language and target language for those people who don’t have any knowledge of translation industry. If we don’t define source language as well as target language, readers will not be able to understand anything in this article.

Source language is the one in which an original document or certificate is written, issued or published with proper formatting, date and stamp. Different documents have different formatting as per the law and requirements; each type of document is issued by a different department or government body.

A target language is the one, in which an original language or the content of the document is translated, for which understanding the target language is a very important factor.

How to start translating into German language

You can’t translate all languages, as this is not possible for a person to understand and speak all languages at the same time. But people can speak two languages and some people can understand 5 to 8 languages.

If you understand source languages then read the document carefully and pay attentions to its formatting.

If you don’t understand the meaning of any word then look up the meaning in a dictionary.

Starting from the first line according to the formatting, try to translate into German language in such a way that reading creates a precise meaning.

If you are translating a marriage certificate or birth certificate then you are supposed to provide verbatim translation. If you are working on a medical, legal or any general subject then don’t translate word by word as it will lose the beauty.

Don’t attempt to convert one language into another as each language has its own style to speak. Keep that style in your mind.

If German is your native language, you can better understand how to create a flow in translation without losing the meaning of the sentence.

Normally a translation agency hire only native translator for a target language but it doesn’t mean that all German people knowing two languages are able to translate any document into German language.

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Translation services on social media

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A unique social media marketing strategy can always do wonders for any business plan whether it is related to retaining its old customers or getting new customers from across the world. Customer is the king of any business because they buy products and services, for which they pay a fee or price. If a company loses its customers, its means their profit is coming down. So a good business plan is always necessary to promote products and services. If you don’t have a good plan, you will end up winding your business.

As far as translation services are concerned, you need to be more serious and dedicated towards learning new tactics. There are hundreds of online translation agencies and each one of them wants to get clients as well as translators.

Translation companies offering language translation services, try to offer new jobs to linguists as well as to get new projects in different language pairs, promote their services on social media. There are different ways to promote a business, which include posting articles, blogs, images, graphics, videos and slogans etc.

Through online promotion, they want to make it clear that they are the best in the industry. If you type translation services on social media websites, you will find numerous websites and pages, but you would not like to click all of them.

You would click the one, which draws your attentions in the first glance. Once you realize you are at the right place, you would like to read about them.

So, a best and unique social marketing strategy is always needed. If you have a translation agency or you are looking for a translation agency, you can find it here.

Tips for Social media marketing strategies 2017; and Translation services

social media 2017

New tactics and strategies are important to develop your translation services, whether you are a translator or an agency; you have to understand the best social media marketing strategies 2017 to engage new people or retain your long time followers.

A lot has been written and said about document translation services and the role of a translation agency on social media; like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platform; but social media marketing strategies require the best.

You should write a content, which clearly exhibits the advantages and disadvantages of language services; for example, the role of a translation agency, and the role of a translator or a linguist, why people need to hire a translation agency.

People have many questions and when they search anything related to a document translation services on social media, they mean to get quality content. People do not want to spend time on social media while searching a valuable content.

As a translation agency or translation services provider, you should list everything you are offering like translation in foreign languages, translation in local languages etc.

If you cover a particular language, which is rare in the world then you should try to write elaborately about it and promote it through blogs, articles, videos, images and slogans etc on social media.

Having just one account on any social media platform is not sufficient. So try to sign up on as many social media platform as possible.

In addition to this, you should read online content especially social media marketing strategies because the more you read, the more you will understand.

Reading just a blog or article is not enough to promote your translation agency. Try to read about social media, its role and how much people are involved in it.

There was a time when people in search of foreign language translation services used to go to language departments in universities and colleges with no success as teaching and translation are two different professions.

But now, people try to find everything online. Social media is the best option to find answers about translation services. If you are not active on social media, then you are like a dead man. Social media is windpipe for any business to breathe in and out.

Through social media marketing strategies 2017, update yourself every day. Try to cover all the topics about translation like certificate translation, marriage certificate translation, document translation etc.

Social media has millions of users all over the world; try to engage every one of them. The best way is to write content in lots of languages.

For example, if you want to engage with people living in Europe, then write content in all European languages.

Writing interesting slogans on daily basis is another good option to draw people’s attentions. You can do it in funny way. Use your creativity and innovation to update your services.


Translation Services and international Business

Translation services and international business are two different fields in terms of their foundation and business strategies. Translation is related to languages, though a business is a word when a company or an organization deals in products and services. In this article, I would like to make a line between these two different fields and their association. Once you understand the meaning of their alliance, you can understand the importance of translation services. If you buy a product or services, you want to acquire as much information as possible so that when you use them you are sure about their quality, side effects, benefits and advantages.

But suppose, a person who speaks, German, French, Italian, Czech or English and he wants to buy some Dates from Saudi Arabia, the information provided on the packing of the Dates is in Arabic. If he or she doesn’t find the information in his mother tongue then what he will do? The doctor told him not to use anything sweet as it can affect his blood sugar level. So, the chances are either he will find the date with packaging that provides product’s detail in his native language or he will decide not to buy the dates. If he comes to know that a company sells Arabic date in his country and he can read complete description of the product then he will not wait anymore to buy the products.

This way, company will get a new customer and obviously, company will generate some revenue. The game doesn’t finish here; it will keep going on because the company will have a regular customer and the source of income.

Now, the question arises here is how the translation services helped the company? The translation services helped the company to get the Arabic translation done in whatever language the customer wants. There are lots of examples, which you can find around you. Translation services not only provide the translation of project description but they provide the translation of books, documents, certificates, websites and anything which you think can be read and studied in one or multiple languages.

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Spread out your business worldwide with document translation services

Our life is flooded with internet which offers hundreds of online activities that can be performed from anywhere all over the globe. In addition to this, it has connected the whole world together while eliminating the barriers and hurdles of civilization, geography and most importantly the language. The language is such a barrier which requires new tools and ways to overcome all the challenges which vary in comparison to one place to another.

To face these challenges and hunt for a solution, we need translation services, which is the most effective tool of communication and interpretation to promote ideas and thoughts in different unknown languages. The setbacks which most of the businessmen face due to language are related to bilingual or multilingual communication in such countries where more than one language is used as a tool of communication.

For example in European Countries, if you understand only English then you might have problems in understanding the atmosphere of European countries as German, Italian, Czech and other languages are used as official language of Europe.

If you want to promote your business in Czech Republic or any Arabic country then you must need document translation services. As some countries require checking your documents or certificates and if they are not in their official or native language then they ask you to get them translated. Document translation in a native language benefits you a lot as your clients give more attentions to your proposals because this way you seems more professional.

Documents translation doesn’t mean some certificates only. As a business proposal you are required to have some legal documents also which are most significant to make a deal. You need to prepare a detailed business proposals and valid proof and authenticity; for example a business license or other agreements. If those documents are not in their official language, it means they are nothing but some garbage.

But once you hire a document translation service provider, all your problems are solved because all your documents are translated in professional way to make it look serious and genuine. With the help of document translation, the client can clearly see that you are open for further communication as you want to convey your thoughts and opinion through a professional way of communication.

This gesture puts an impression on their mind like how serious you are in doing business with them. But as far as the document translation is concerned, you must ask the translation agency if they have qualified and experienced linguist in their database or not.




The Importance Of Translation Agency During A Foreign Trip

Worldwide business activities and sharp competition in international market twists everyone’s arm to travel all over the world to monitor marketing strategy and supply-demand chain, which is not possible without negotiations, business meetings and financial transactions.

If you also have the same goal which you want to achieve while touring from one country to another, one of the most challenging jobs would be to understand the civilization of that particular country and its business atmosphere. If you are able to speak the native language of that country then you don’t have any problem, but if you don’t, then you might have to face tough competition and other hurdles.

A professional translation agency can solve all your problems. A translation agency provides translation and interpretation services to promote a business through document translation and bridge communication gap through its interpreting services which are offered by qualified and experienced linguist.

How to find a good translation agency?

Before finding a translation agency, you must have some questions in your mind so that you can raise them up with a translation agency. Following points can help you a lot.

  • What is your total budget and how much can you afford to pay a translation agency
  • For how long you want the translation services
  • Would you like to prefer your homeland translation service or you want the translation agency to arrange a translator for you in your destiny
  • What kind of business you are running and what kind of business knowledge a translator should possess
  • Do you have any type of document that you want to carry with you
  • If you need only interpretation services or you want some documents to be translated

If you provide complete information about your tour to the translation agency or if you require document translation services also then your business trip will surely become a successful mission of your business as you will be aware of your plan.

You can find lots of translation agencies online. You can find some translation agencies on social media also. If you are travelling for an official purpose like business trip or looking for higher education opportunities then you should contact certified translation agency.

Document translation provided by certified translation agency is quickly acceptable by the concerned department as it ensures the quality and authenticity of the language.