Hire Language Translation Agency For Technical Translation


Technical translation relates to technical documents or certificates having information of technical manuals of industry, machines, plants, tools etc. In such documents specific language and technical terms are used which are common all over the world. Original documents are used to provide information to workers who have technical degree, but sometimes, these documents are translated in local languages or foreign languages. A language translation agency can handle such documents easily.

In fact, these documents are very tough to understand in the source language, and when translated in a target language, translator is expected to translate them in easy and simple language so that they can serve translation purpose.

A language translation agency provides technical translation, which is rendered through its technical translators having years of technical knowledge and degrees.

A language translation agency helps you get your product manuals, legal contracts and other technical stuff translated according to your requirements.

But, before contacting any language translation agency, you should keep some important points in your mind. For example, the translator should be well-versed and expert in technical translation.

Formatting and images are another important fact, which you should discuss with the language translation agency.

For quality translation and better results, you should provide all the information to the translation agency in advance so that they can instruct their translator about the project.


3 Things to Learn About Marriage Certificate Translation Services in India


People looking for marriage certificate translation services in India always think that marriage certificate has very little content such as bride’s and groom’s name, their family information and date etc, and due to little and simple content anybody can translate this document very easily. On one hand, they want to save their money and on another hand, they think that they can do it anytime they want.

Some people think that Google translate or any other online free software is another good option for marriage certificate translation services because it takes only a second to convert one language into another. Internet has become a necessity of life, that is why getting an internet connection is not a big deal. Anybody can have access to these online translation software for his or her marriage certificate translation services in India.

If you are looking for marriage certificate translation services in India then you should keep some important points in your mind.

  1. Getting marriage certificate translation services in India through Google or any online machine software does not provide original formatting like the one that you see in your original marriage certificate.
  2. Machine translation or Google translation always needs a review and editing, which takes longer time than the translation. If you hire a translator or linguist for your marriage certificate translation services in India, you will still have to pay the translation charges to the translator.
  3. Machine translation is not authenticated because it is not certified. Marriage certificate translation in India should be certified by a language translation agency or translation services.

By getting your marriage certificate translation services in India done by a translation agency means they will take care of everything because they charge you a few dollars for your translation.


Learn more about Language Translation services in India


Language translation services have played vital role in promoting business and trades all over the world Promoting products and services in a single language is not possible now, especially when dozens of languages are read and spoken in a nation.

No product and service is limited to the boundary of one country but once it enters into a foreign country, it needs a different language so that the people of that country can learn and study about a product or service.

Language translation services provide translation from a source language into a target language. Translation from the product manufacturing to the final step is provided in such a way that nobody have any confusion about the product or service.

First, a product or service is advertized in a target language, the product description is promoted in that language and all types of manuals and pamphlets are published in a target language.

The information about a product or service is prepared in one language, but once a product becomes popular in the market, the original information continues to be translated in multiple languages.

Language translation services play very important role in providing translation services.

7 Tips About A Good Translation Agency

download (1).png

Finding a good translation agency is not a cup of tea because each translation agency offers language translation services and promises quality and accuracy. If you are looking for a translation agency, this article will help you find a good translation agency.

Following tips will help you decide which way you should move and what precautions you should take care of. However, it does not mean that these tips are absolute, and you cannot think out of these tips box.

Remember these 7 tips while looking for a translation agency

  1. Confidential policy
  2. Native translators
  3. Ready to provide a sample translation free
  4. Are ready to send you CV of the translator without their contact details
  5. Committed to provide the translation within the deadline
  6. No extra charges for minor corrections
  7. Exact information of words count

If you find that a translation agency possesses all these factors and ready to provide you the information you are seeking, then you can provide your translation project detail to the agency.

In addition to this, this is good for you if you ask everything through the email not on the phone. Because sending and receiving everything through the email gives you a written statement of the facts and work as evidences if anything wrong happens between you and the translation agency.

If you have a document translation, then you should pay extra attentions while talking to the translation agency and strictly convey that the original document should be sent to the only translator who is willing to accept the translation project.


3 Mistakes In Document Translation Services


As we know that document translation services provided by translation agency is considered an important service because it contains very confidential information of the client and if it does not represents everything according to the original document, it can create so many problems.

Translators or linguists are human translators, they are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields but still sometimes, they make mistakes in document translation. Thought a translation agency hires well-qualified and genuine translators who have the ability to check and review their own work, but still sometimes, they make common mistakes.

In such cases, a client should consider those mistakes in mind. By saying mistakes it does not mean they always make such mistakes. However, as a precaution, you can check them in your document translation.

  1. Mistakes in numerical: if your document has lots of numerical or numbers then you should check them one by one because mistakes of even a point can lead to a blunder.


  1. Mistakes in names: While converting or translating one language into a foreign language, there are some types of names, which are not pronounced correctly in target language. If you know the spelling of your name, then double check it. For example, the name of candidate, his father’s or mother’s name etc.


  1. Formatting: Formatting is very important in document translation. If your document has images like stamp or seal etc, it should also be placed in document translation. Some translators do not consider them important, but without those images, especially government stamp or college stamps etc, document translation does not seem to be a real document.


These mistakes are not limited and it does not mean that you should not check other things. While getting your document translation done, you should tell the translation agency to take care of those mistakes to avoid any delay in deadline.

3 Tips to find a good translation agency


Like any other services, the spectrum of translation agency is also mushrooming all over the world. To get a simple translation having a couple of words or a single page in any language, you can find hundreds of translation agencies online.

Each translation agency has a website, which is linked to social media like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc; someone can believe that he or she can get his or her translation done through anyone of them. However, there are some inside stories also which makes every translation agency a little bit different from each other.

If you are looking for a translation agency, and do not know where to start from then you should read this blog completely. In this small blog, I have tried to provide some vital information, which will help you find a good translation agency.


  1. A good translation agency always provides complete information about the translation cost, quality, translator’s availability and most importantly the deadline. They do not keep you in dark. If they are going to charge a service tax or any other tax which is payable by the client, they disclose this thing in the beginning.


  1. A good translation agency always provides true and genuine contact numbers, so that you can contact them anytime. A translation agency is always helpful and do not refer office hours when you need them.


  1. There are many translation agencies, which uses ‘Give and take policy’ that means once you pay the charges, they will send you the translation. Nevertheless, a good and professional translation agency first provides you a soft copy to check and review the translation. In addition, when you are happy and ready to accept the translation, they ask you transfer the amount in their account.


If you are still not satisfied with the translation agency then you can write your doubt and send an email to the concerned person.




5 Tips to Find the Right Document Translation Service


Finding good document translation services, which are not only professional but can also understand your requirements very well, is a very challenging task. As far as the internet is concerned, it provides you the list of top 10 translation agencies, but still you cannot decide which one is the best one for you. So, what? You should try to stop looking for the best one for you.

No. in this blog, we would like to draw your kind attentions towards some very important facts which will help you decide choose the right translation agency for your document translation services.

  1. Good document translation services provider always negotiate and are flexible about the prices because they know that a person looking for the translation, contacts a translation agency on urgent basis due to which they are not in a position to pay higher prices for any type of document translation services.
  2. Document translation services provider does not depend only a pair of linguists. They have number of translators in their database having different domain expertise, like medical, legal, financial etc. They assign the translation task to the most qualified person.
  3. Good people make good environment and bad people make bad environment. A good translation agency always keep you updated about the translation progress and does not hide anything from you.
  4. Ask the translation agency, if they charge anything for post translation corrections. Some translation agencies take care of the situation and when the client ask them to make some changes to the document translation, the translation agency says that our commitment was to provide you the translation, if there are any changes, they will be charged. A good translation agency never asks you to pay extra charges for any review or changes.
  5. If there is anything wrong in your original document, a good and professional translation agency will never make it correct. Translation means changing one language into another. If they are adding or deleting something from the original document, it means they do not understand this field and wrong consequences. Therefore, if a translation agency says that, they will correct the mistakes; do not believe them at all.

These are very simple but very important points, which you keep in your mind while getting your document, translated. You can ask many questions if you have in your mind or if you are looking for a document translation service provider  then you can click here.