Who Is Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees)

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Who Is Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees)

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is an Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) terrorist having his own ideology and teaching, which is completely against Islam, but to misguide the people and divert their attentions from the right path to the extremism and radicalism he says that all his activities are based on the teaching of Islam. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) is the mastermind behind several bomb blasts and killing innocent people not only in Pakistan, but on Indian soil too.

To carry out his terrorist activities he founded “Lashkar-e-Taiba” in 1987 in Pakistan, which is an Arabic name and it means ‘righteous army’. This is one of the most influential and active militant groups in Pakistan and runs unnumbered training camps in the region.

This Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) terrorist is most wanted in connection to several terrorist activities like Mumbai attack in 2008 that resulted in several innocent people’s killing along with six American citizens.

Pakistan is known as Islamic country but unfortunately, it has become a hub of militant activities in the name of Jihad or crusade that is against the Holy Qur’an that says ” Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.”

Chapter 5-Al-Maeeda, Verse (32)

But unfortunatley this Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) terrorist has not only a machine of killing innocent people, but he does all in the name of Holy Qur’an and Islam. This Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) group has its own mosques and Islamic schools where Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) ideology is taught to uneducated new generation while brainwashing their minds.

This Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) group considers them true muslims and true followers of the prophet, they consider muslims as atheists and don’t go to their mosques to offer the prayers. They are in favor of a woman leading the congregational prayer with other men and children behind her. According to Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees), the prophet said “offer the prayer the way you saw me praying.” Which means there is no different between a men and woman. Prophet Muhammad [we seek the blessing for him from Allah] led the congregational prayer and women should follow his path too.

In his speeches Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) considers himself as the true warrior of Islam though his teaching, speeches and all activities are motivated to gain political influence in Pakistan and other countries. The activities of Ahle Hadith (Ahle Hadees) are also increasing in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, America and other parts of the world in the name of Islam.


Lean something about interpretation services

To become a good interpreter you need to have a soft voice, a harsh voice can create a negative impact on audience. For interpretation that is an oral translation, you need to have good accent with soft voice. Getting a soft voice is not a natural thing. If you think your voice is heavy then you should do some practice? Record your voice in your mobile, online software et cetera and hear your voice, and hear your voice as your own critic.

Hearing your own voice first time will make you feel awkward. You will notice your voice is the worst in the whole world; it will be the heaviest one for you. However, do not worry each listener when he listens to his own voice, has the same feeling.

In addition to this, you have to notice how fast and how slow you speak. Speaking speed plays a vital role in the performance of your interpretation. You have to keep a balance in your voice speech.

Also, keep this point in your mind you cannot speak on every subject people wish to listen.

It does not matter how soft your voice is if you are not a master of your subject, you cannot interpret properly. It is also true you have to interpret speakers’ speech in another language, so obviously, you will have lots of content to translate on the stage, but you are not supposed to provide verbatim interpretation. If you provide word-by-word interpretation, you will lose the beauty of the language. Instead of listening you, people would like to take a nap.

While interpreting, you are supposed to speak with fluency retaining the beauty of the language.

The Role Of Language Translation Services In Business Marketing

Top companies are hiring translators and linguists from different part of the world to communicate with their clients in their native language to experiment new marketing strategy to promote their products and services in a different market. Some companies hire translators to interpret in business conferences, business meetings, seminars etcetera.

The main purpose of having the translators or interpreter is to conduct different interviews with the customers to know how they feel about a specific product or service so that the company can work in that direction or customize their products or services.

This is not possible for a company because they don’t have full time translator or a full-time linguists in their list office that’s why the contact language translation services whenever they require interpreting somewhere like in conferences, small gathering or product promotion events. The translator or linguist enter into an agreement until the duration of the project for which translator is hired on daily basis.

Language translation agencies have such freelance translators who offer their translation services in different cities, states and sometimes abroad too.

One of the most important thing is to hire such a translator who really understands the marketing strategy. Marketing is quite different field from the translation, but some translators have the mastery of marketing due to their constant working on such projects. These translators are very expensive due to speech delivering style. They have the ability to explain the source language into target language retaining its native style. That’s why the translator should be native one.