CBSE removed language barriers for candidates opting for Central Teacher Eligibility Test

via CBSE removed language barriers for candidates opting for Central Teacher Eligibility Test


CBSE removed language barriers for candidates opting for Central Teacher Eligibility Test


After CBSE announced to scrap 17 languages for candidates willing to take the exam for Central Teacher Eligibility Test, candidates as well as states having different regional languages speaking people were concerned about their future.

The education department had limited the candidates up to three languages such as Sanskrit, English and Hindi and they had no choice except leaving the exam.

Prakash Javadekar tweeted “CTET examination will be conducted in all Indian languages as was being conducted earlier. I have already directed @cbseindia29 to conduct examination in all the 20 languages as was being done earlier.”

How find Urdu Document Translation Agency in India?

How find Urdu Document Translation Agency in India?


Urdu is the combination of several languages especially Persian and Arabic. There are so many Arabic and Persian words in Urdu and a person having Persian and Arabic knowledge can speak and write very good Urdu in comparison to the people unaware of Persian and Arabic. With the advent of internet and online search, Urdu Language is also progressing day by day. Companies prefer to provide their information in Urdu content too. That is why they try to find Urdu Document Translation Agency services in India, because a large number of Urdu speaking people are highly educated in India, especially the people having Islamic schools degrees and diplomas in their respective fields.

If you are looking for Urdu document translation agency services in India then you should keep some important points in your mind.

If the Urdu document translation agency services will give you the Urdu translation in word file or handwritten because most of the Urdu translators are not able to type on word files.

If the Urdu document translation agency services in India has in house translators or linguists or they depends on freelance Urdu translators or linguists.

No translator is supposed to be the master of every subject or domain. For example, a legal translator is not supposed to have the mastery on medical content. If your document relates to any particular subject then you should inquire the Urdu Document Translation Agency Services in India if they would provide the translation by a qualified expert or a general translator.

In translation field, deadline is very important and most of the time it is missed by the Urdu document translation agency services in India due to unexpected problems from the translators’ side.

If you keep such important points in your mind then your job to find an Urdu document translation agency services in India will be easy.


How To Find Tamil Translation Services Agency In The United Kingdom

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India is such a country where scores of languages are understood and spoken. Tamil is one of them, which is spoken by around 66,749,402 people and considered the sixth most spoken language in Indian subcontinent. Though Tamil speaking community can be found anywhere in the world. If you are living in the United Kingdom, you will find lots of Tamil people around you.

According to the statistics, around 200,000 Sri Lankan Tamil speaking people reside in UK (United Kingdom), but the majority of them lives in London. Due to the increasing Tamil population in the United Kingdom, their language requirements are also increasing. There are number of Tamil communities and organizations, which hire language translation services to translate from Tamil into English and English into Tamil to spread awareness about different programs.

Finding a Tamil translation agency in the United Kingdom is not easy, as most of the language translation agencies do not have in house Tamil translators or linguists. They hire freelance translators from all over the world, to provide the best quality services. Tamil translation is very expensive because Tamil people are highly educated and occupies big positions according to their qualification. That is why they charge as per the quality.

If you have any Tamil document that you want to get translated in any language of your requirement, you should provide complete detail to the translation agency so that they can find a suitable translator according to your requirements.

These translation agencies in the United Kingdom also provides Tamil transcription services to their clients in the United States, but you will have to make sure if they have any Tamil transcribers or not.