Document Translation in Foreign Languages

Document translation or certificate translation in a couple of rare languages becomes most difficult task for translation agencies for example Hindi to French, Urdu to German, Hindi to Czech, Hindi to French or Urdu to Dutch, Urdu to French or Hindi to German etc as Hindi/Urdu or some other Indian languages are not that much recognized in European countries.

As far as document translation from any European language into English or English into any European language is concerned, it is quite easy to find the linguists. English is such a language which every translator prefers to learn and get proficiency because this is a market language which is used in communication and while sending emails or texts etc.

Problems in document translation from or into a foreign language

On one hand, the document translation not only becomes difficult but it costs a bit more than client’s expectation. On other hand, translation agency spends more time and more money to get it translated and then get it proofread read or edited by a couple of proofreader to check the quality of the document.

Normally, a document translation which is in an Indian language not so much popular among European linguists supposed to be translated into a foreign language; it has to be translated into English language first and then from English language into a desired target language.

Points to remember while getting a document translation done into a foreign language

As I mentioned above that two translators and two proofreaders or editors are hired for such a document translation; so each translator should be well qualified and experienced in his respective field such as legal, medical, financial etc.

The cost of a document translation should be well discussed according to per word or per page basis.

To achieve the target language, more than one translator works on the document to give the best document translation, so enough time is required; so make sure that there is a flexible deadline.

A translation agency should not compromise with the quality as well as the cost just to get the job done within the deadline. A translation agency should hire a well-qualified and competent linguist for the job and discuss everything in detail. Nowadays, there are number of new translation agencies coming up day by day without understanding the nuances of the market, they just bid on the translation project at lowest cost and get it done by cheap translators.

So if you have any sensitive or confidential document reply on reputed translation agency. A document translation done in haste or at cheap prices will end up in nothing.


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

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