How find Urdu Document Translation Agency in India?

How find Urdu Document Translation Agency in India?


Urdu is the combination of several languages especially Persian and Arabic. There are so many Arabic and Persian words in Urdu and a person having Persian and Arabic knowledge can speak and write very good Urdu in comparison to the people unaware of Persian and Arabic. With the advent of internet and online search, Urdu Language is also progressing day by day. Companies prefer to provide their information in Urdu content too. That is why they try to find Urdu Document Translation Agency services in India, because a large number of Urdu speaking people are highly educated in India, especially the people having Islamic schools degrees and diplomas in their respective fields.

If you are looking for Urdu document translation agency services in India then you should keep some important points in your mind.

If the Urdu document translation agency services will give you the Urdu translation in word file or handwritten because most of the Urdu translators are not able to type on word files.

If the Urdu document translation agency services in India has in house translators or linguists or they depends on freelance Urdu translators or linguists.

No translator is supposed to be the master of every subject or domain. For example, a legal translator is not supposed to have the mastery on medical content. If your document relates to any particular subject then you should inquire the Urdu Document Translation Agency Services in India if they would provide the translation by a qualified expert or a general translator.

In translation field, deadline is very important and most of the time it is missed by the Urdu document translation agency services in India due to unexpected problems from the translators’ side.

If you keep such important points in your mind then your job to find an Urdu document translation agency services in India will be easy.



How To Find Tamil Translation Services Agency In The United Kingdom

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India is such a country where scores of languages are understood and spoken. Tamil is one of them, which is spoken by around 66,749,402 people and considered the sixth most spoken language in Indian subcontinent. Though Tamil speaking community can be found anywhere in the world. If you are living in the United Kingdom, you will find lots of Tamil people around you.

According to the statistics, around 200,000 Sri Lankan Tamil speaking people reside in UK (United Kingdom), but the majority of them lives in London. Due to the increasing Tamil population in the United Kingdom, their language requirements are also increasing. There are number of Tamil communities and organizations, which hire language translation services to translate from Tamil into English and English into Tamil to spread awareness about different programs.

Finding a Tamil translation agency in the United Kingdom is not easy, as most of the language translation agencies do not have in house Tamil translators or linguists. They hire freelance translators from all over the world, to provide the best quality services. Tamil translation is very expensive because Tamil people are highly educated and occupies big positions according to their qualification. That is why they charge as per the quality.

If you have any Tamil document that you want to get translated in any language of your requirement, you should provide complete detail to the translation agency so that they can find a suitable translator according to your requirements.

These translation agencies in the United Kingdom also provides Tamil transcription services to their clients in the United States, but you will have to make sure if they have any Tamil transcribers or not.



How To Find Document Translation Services Agency In UK


As far as online document translation services are concerned, you can find hundreds of agencies that are growing day by day due to flexible working hours and good payment options. However, due to these facts, everyone wants to start his own translation agency to get the clients to earn a direct profit. However, the reality is quite different. Each business requires some practical experiences, dedication, love to the profession and a sense of confidentiality, which new translation agencies cannot understand overnight.

If you are looking for a translation agency from any part of the UK, you will be surprised to see a bunch of them claiming to be the best translation agencies in UK. However, how are you going to believe them until you hire their services for the first time? In addition, what happens if your first time experience is so bad?

You should always keep in mind about How to find document translation services agency in UK that no agency in the world has a team of in-house translators or linguists. Each agency depends on freelance native translators across the world. For example, you have an Urdu, Hindi, Tamil document that you want to get translated in English then only a native translator will provide you the best language services.

Therefore, you should ask the translation services if they have a native translator with years of experience of if they will hire a new comer because documents are a very important piece of papers and requires great attentions during the translation. In addition to this, good vocabulary, a sense of good analysis, formatting etc are very important factors, which cannot be ignored.

A reputed translation services agency also charges high fee because they have qualified and experienced translators in a particular field. In comparison to the new agencies, their main purpose is to earn money by hook and by crook. That is why they offer their services on cheap prices irrespective of how bad the translation is.

The role of social media for a translation agency


Social media is not just a place to connect new people, but it can create a huge business if it is used with the best social media marketing strategy, especially for a translation agency because like other professions translation industry also needs clients as well as translators to work with.

The best marketing strategy to make a translation agency popular


For a translation agency, it is compulsory to update its translation services on regular basis. For example, how many languages are covered by their linguists, if the agency has proper database of native as well as foreign translators offering their services. In addition to this, a translation agency should display a list of clients they have worked with.

There are number of social websites and people are always active over there. Posting interesting content related to language services is a good strategy to draw their attentions.

How to engage with people on social media


Each social media platform has a search bar to help you find people of your interest. If you type translation agency in the search bar, a list of translation agencies will show up. Like their pages and regularly read their posts and reply accordingly.

This way you can engage with lots of people having the same interest. If your content were good, they would reply to your posts.

Make a chain of people and convince them to follow your links.

What to post on social media


Write everything about your services and products. You should mention interesting facts about the translation, which nobody ever revealed before. You can make your strategy in view of price, deadline, quality etc.

You should try to convince why your services are different from other translation agencies and why people want to hire you.

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How to translate a source language into German language with fluency


To translate a language into a foreign language like German, a linguist should be habitual to looking up words in dictionary and encyclopedia because without consulting with them, finding an appropriate word is not possible.

What is source language and target language?

But first of all, we would like to talk about a source language and target language for those people who don’t have any knowledge of translation industry. If we don’t define source language as well as target language, readers will not be able to understand anything in this article.

Source language is the one in which an original document or certificate is written, issued or published with proper formatting, date and stamp. Different documents have different formatting as per the law and requirements; each type of document is issued by a different department or government body.

A target language is the one, in which an original language or the content of the document is translated, for which understanding the target language is a very important factor.

How to start translating into German language

You can’t translate all languages, as this is not possible for a person to understand and speak all languages at the same time. But people can speak two languages and some people can understand 5 to 8 languages.

If you understand source languages then read the document carefully and pay attentions to its formatting.

If you don’t understand the meaning of any word then look up the meaning in a dictionary.

Starting from the first line according to the formatting, try to translate into German language in such a way that reading creates a precise meaning.

If you are translating a marriage certificate or birth certificate then you are supposed to provide verbatim translation. If you are working on a medical, legal or any general subject then don’t translate word by word as it will lose the beauty.

Don’t attempt to convert one language into another as each language has its own style to speak. Keep that style in your mind.

If German is your native language, you can better understand how to create a flow in translation without losing the meaning of the sentence.

Normally a translation agency hire only native translator for a target language but it doesn’t mean that all German people knowing two languages are able to translate any document into German language.

If require any translation services for your document or certificate, you can click here.

Finding a certificate translation agency

Certificate translation whether it is a marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other document, which you think assume official importance, is getting popularity because of its uses for different purposes on national as well as international levels.

Certificate translation is provided by translation services provider or in simple words by translation agencies offering various kinds of language services including transcription, interpretation and other services.

You may require certificate translation for different purposes such as getting admission for higher studies in a foreign country or visa for settling abroad or getting visa for business purposes. When you get or hire a translation agency, you are supposed to inform the translation agency about source language and target language.

Source language is the language of your certificate or the language in which a certificate is issued. Target language is the language you want your translation in.


Before contacting or hiring any translation agency for your certificate translation, you should clearly mention about source language as well as target language. If possible, count the words of the certificate.

Ask the translation agency if they charge on per page basis or on word basis. It means if you have 100 words in your certificate, they will multiply per word basis price with total words.

Different target languages have different prices so make everything clear before reaching on final decision.

Deadline is also very important factor in translation. Most of the translators or linguists work as freelance translators that means translators work when they have extra time or when they are free.

If you have a short deadline, then ask the translation agency to provide you the certificate translation within the deadline.

If you keep above-mentioned points in your mind before getting your translation done, you will have a perfect document in your hand.

Urdu Hindi translation agency

Hindi and Urdu are spoken in the same way but written in different script; for example, Hindi is written in Devanagri and Urdu is written in Persian script. In addition to this, Hindi is written from left side but Urdu is written from right side. If we talk about Pakistan, Bangladesh and Hindustan, the majority of people speak Urdu but Hindi is spoken mostly in India as the majority of people use Hindi as a way of communication with each other.

These languages are official languages of these country but they are not recognized in other Asian, European and Middle East countries and people migrating to foreign countries, visiting for holidays and getting visa for education and business purposes, so people have to look for Urdu Hindi translation agency to get their documents translated.

Documents such as marriage certificate, education certificate, birth certificate etc are sensitive documents and they are used to authenticate someone’s identity. If the concerned person or body is not able to identify the identity of someone or anyone, the candidate might have lots of problems. The concerned body and reject visa application.

If you have any such document which you want to get translated, you can find Urdu Hindi translation agency online. There are lots of translation services providers but believing them is like finding real gold among shining stuff.


If you want to get your documents translated in foreign languages then you must be careful as finding a native linguist or translator will cost you more than non-native translator. Normally, non-native translators are cheap and they provide low quality translation.

Some translation agencies hire cheap translators to get new projects. If your target language is Chinese, Russian, Arabic, German etc, you must ask the Urdu Hindi translation agency if they have native linguist or translator.

In addition to this, you should inquire about the project cost and deadline in advance to avoid long delay in project submission. Most of the Urdu Hindi translation agency depends on freelance translators, which means they don’t have any in-house translators in their company or agency.

For more information about Urdu Hindi translation agency, you can click here.