Social media and translation job opportunities

Day by day increasing popularity of social media marketing has not only created a platform for people to connect each other constantly but it has provided lots of job opportunities in  industry.

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Social media marketing is such a platform where people from all castes, religions and locations come to interact with each other, know new stories and share it with other people, but sometimes, due to language problems lots of important information is missed out.

There are thousands of websites and web pages on social media giving lots of important information and updates about science & technology, development in medicines and pharmacy, epidemic diseases etc, but being in foreign languages, people are not able to read and understand them, thus such information lies for nothing.

In such cases, translation agencies give quick solutions to people through social media marketing. Though, Google can also translate any kind of content, but it doesn’t have a human mind to understand the grammatical mistakes and it can’t find mistakes in sentences.

Companies offering their services and products hire translation agencies to get their websites translated in different languages so that online users on social media can have direct access to the information.

Sharing information through social media marketing helps people know about new adventures in different walks of life, politics and much more.

There is no end of information;  as thousands of articles are posted daily through social media marketing platforms and then it is shared by users on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.

Translation agencies not only provide solutions to unknown languages, but they also offer their services in translating important documents like marriage certificates, divorce certificate, education certificates etc.

If you are following any particular community on social media where you find an interesting video clip, which is liked by millions of people and shared and you are also interested in watching the video; but due to language problem, you are not able to understand a single word of it.

You can simply hire a translation agency for video translation; though this kind of translation will cost you more, but will save you from lots of confusion.

If you are working for a society and want to stir the people towards a particular issue, you can raise awareness through social media by getting your content translated in a couple of languages to reach more people.


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.