Passport translation services for visa purposes

Passport is a very important document, which represents a person’s identity and citizenship, and also needed to visit a foreign country for number of purposes like tourism, education, business etc. the official of the destination country inspects the passport while reading the content to authenticate someone’s name, age and address etc. If the content of passport is in such a language, which officials can’t read then the candidate is supposed to get the passport translated in required language.

To understand the nature of the job, you can consider following situation. Suppose, you are a candidate wishing to visit a foreign country; you are a citizen of an Arab country and going to apply for Russian visa. If the content of your passport is in Arabic language then you will require having your passport translation in Russian language.

Who provides Russian language translation services?

Translation agencies, translation services providers or a freelance content writer provides passport translation services. A translation agency is not like other physical organizations having large number of people, big building, and other infrastructure etc.

A translation agency hires freelance translators or linguists to translate different types of documents, certificates or other content etc.

Nobody requires a translation on regular basis like other services and goods that’s why the job of a translator is not regular. Translation agency contacts a translator when it has a translation task.

Information about the translation project like source language, target language, deadline, prices etc is provided by the translation agency to the translator. If the translator is interested and ready to accept the terms and conditions, he sends a confirmation to the translation agency and the translation agency confirms to the client.

What are the charges?

There is no thumb rule. Different translation agencies have different quotations, which depends on language pair and deadline. Normally, foreign languages like Russian, German, French, and Czech are costlier than local Indian languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil etc.

If you need a passport translation, you should try to contact a couple of translation agencies to get an idea. Once you are able to compare the prices, deadline etc, you can assign your translation. For more information about a translation agency, you can click here.


How is a Document Translation charged?

If you are mulling about the document translation charges, then this article will help you a bit to get a peep inside the translation industry because document translation has become a necessity of people, migrating abroad or students getting enrolled in foreign universities or colleges for higher studies like ms programs.

Different translation companies charge different way for each kind of document translation. For example, some translation companies charge on per word basis; which ranges from $0.02 to $0.10 and when the amount of words is big, charges might be dropped.

But it doesn’t mean if your document has 50 words, you will pay for 50 words document translation. Document translation requires enough time to understand the nature of the document, look up exact words in dictionaries and sometimes have to consult with encyclopedia as well. It takes a long time and it becomes a hectic work. So no translator wills not to work on such small projects for a tiny amount of money.

Some translation companies charge fixed amount for each page, which might range from $10 to $20. If your document has 5 pages, you will pay according to the numbers of pages.

But still the job is not complete here. If you have a medical or legal document which you want to get translated then your job would a bit difficult; finding a qualified translator or a certified document translation agency is not easy as most of the translation agencies are involved in general type of translation.

What to keep in mind while getting a document translation?

There are some very basics points which you can keep in while communicating a translation agency or translation services provider.

  • Inquire if they have any confidential policy because some documents have very sensitive information and are not supposed to be disclosed to anyone
  • Ask the translation agency, if they will charge on per word basis or on per page basis
  • Ask them if you pay in advance; some translation companies demand half in advance and half after the translation
  • Ask the translation agency, if their document translation would be certified and it will be accepted by the concerned department or agency etc.

Once, you are sure and confident about the translation agency and its translation services, and then you can go ahead. But before getting the final version of the document translation, you must ask the translation service provider to send you a soft copy to check the quality.