People’s Liberation Army started drills amid Doklam tensions


Amid increasing tensions between India and China and nations like US and Japan offered their support to India, it sounds that China is trying to create a battle atmosphere on borders, where there has been a long standoff between the two countries.

Chinese’s PLA (People’s Liberation Army) started conducting military exercises, which is not a routine exercise, especially in this tense situation. According to Global Times, there were more than 10 PLA units taking part in this military exercise. Chinese armored forces and aviation units also participated in this drill.


However, India has been trying to find a peaceful solution for the problems but China putting a pressure on Indian side started to provoke it to retaliate in the same way, which India understands very well. India’s stand in world community is being appreciated by other nations, but China cannot digest this reality at all.

However, there is no statement from any official that where the drill was conducted and how long it lasted. But, five minutes’ duration video showed lots of tanks advancing their targets and firing at them. The video also showed some helicopters launching missiles at their targets as they are firing at their targets in reality.



Things you do not know about document translation services

The world is so big but after the dawn of internet, everything has become so small that you can hold it in your first but still it does not mean you can control it. In every business, there are some vital points, which only a learned man is aware of. Therefore, in this article, we want to put some light on document translation services.

What is document translation service?

Document translation services mean converting a document’s language into another language. However, merely converting a language will not serve its purpose because each document requires specific information and knowledge. For example, a legal document needs expertise in legal field and a medical document requires understanding medical terminology and understanding of pharmacy etc.

Which languages are covered in document translation services?

As far as the language is concerned, any language whether it is a local language or international language can be translated into another local language or international language, but document translation services are rendered as per the requirements of clients.

For the time being, people going from one country to another require document translation only in the language of the country where a person is headed for.

For example, a person living in India wants to study or do a business in Russia, France, Germany or any other country will need to get his documents translated in Russian, French, and German respectively because Hindi is not understood and spoken in those countries.

The concerned authority demands those documents to be in their official language so that they can read and understand the content or matter of the papers.

Who provides document translation services?

Professional translators or linguists and translation agencies offer document translation services. These translation agencies work as a platform for translators to get new work and for people looking for document translation services. If you are looking for any type of document translation or a translation agency, you can click here.