What is Bora Bora, French Polynesia?


Some moments never come again in life because they are so much precious but we value them once they are not in our hands. However, honeymoon is such a blessing occasion, which comes in everyone’s life and some good planning can make these moments wonderful if we preplan everything in advance.


You would have heard of lots of island but Bora Bora is a quite different island because it is considered one of the most popular destinations of having honeymoon time. It falls northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia.


Hundreds of couples come from different parts of the world for scuba diving. If you are new to scuba diving and afraid of being drowned, don’t worry all the safety gears are provided by the professional trainers who take care of your safety and protection and gives steps by steps direction under the water.


Bora Bora is such a blessing honeymoon destination for marriage couple where they can find honeymoon stuff to enjoy with each other. The surrounding atmosphere full of picturesque mountains whispers something in your ears when the cold wind blows past you. Drops of crystal clear water present an imagination of wonderful thoughts that never come to your mind.


So, what are you waiting for just collect your documents and marriage certificate to sleep in the lap of honeymoon mountains.



How to translate a source language into German language with fluency


To translate a language into a foreign language like German, a linguist should be habitual to looking up words in dictionary and encyclopedia because without consulting with them, finding an appropriate word is not possible.

What is source language and target language?

But first of all, we would like to talk about a source language and target language for those people who don’t have any knowledge of translation industry. If we don’t define source language as well as target language, readers will not be able to understand anything in this article.

Source language is the one in which an original document or certificate is written, issued or published with proper formatting, date and stamp. Different documents have different formatting as per the law and requirements; each type of document is issued by a different department or government body.

A target language is the one, in which an original language or the content of the document is translated, for which understanding the target language is a very important factor.

How to start translating into German language

You can’t translate all languages, as this is not possible for a person to understand and speak all languages at the same time. But people can speak two languages and some people can understand 5 to 8 languages.

If you understand source languages then read the document carefully and pay attentions to its formatting.

If you don’t understand the meaning of any word then look up the meaning in a dictionary.

Starting from the first line according to the formatting, try to translate into German language in such a way that reading creates a precise meaning.

If you are translating a marriage certificate or birth certificate then you are supposed to provide verbatim translation. If you are working on a medical, legal or any general subject then don’t translate word by word as it will lose the beauty.

Don’t attempt to convert one language into another as each language has its own style to speak. Keep that style in your mind.

If German is your native language, you can better understand how to create a flow in translation without losing the meaning of the sentence.

Normally a translation agency hire only native translator for a target language but it doesn’t mean that all German people knowing two languages are able to translate any document into German language.

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Visa Interview Documents

If you are planning to go abroad for your higher studies or any other purposes, then you will need to apply for a visa, for which you have to fill up the form and pay the fee. But one of the most important questions which come to your mind is what documents you need to carry with you while facing the interview.

There are lots of things which you should keep in your mind but if you don’t have proper list of documents then you might miss the opportunity to get a valid visa.

But merely taking the documents doesn’t give a guarantee or the concerned person is not obliged to issue a visa. Knowing about mandatory documents shows that you are serious about your interview and you are a responsible candidate.

If you don’t provide valid documents or try to submit fake documents then you might get into trouble or it might be possible you are blacklisted resulting in lifetime ban in that country.

Following list of documents is mandatory for visa

The embassy sends interview appointment letter or call letter through post or email. While going for the interview, you should keep a clear copy of the letter. If you are having a Xerox copy, make sure it is clear and readable.

There is a visa fee for each type of category, which is paid through the bank and bank issues a payment receipt. You should carry the payment receipt with you.

Original passport; passport is a very important document and only original passport is needed during the interview. No passport copy or passport number is accepted. You have to show original passport to the concerned person.

In addition to this, there are other documents like bank statement, police clearance certificate, visa purpose, which is sponsoring you etc.

But still the question remains, if you will get a visa or not. It depends on the concerned person. If you are able to convince him or her then there is no problem, if you are not then your visa application will be rejected.

Some facts about Document Translation Services

If you are in search of a professional document translation services to get your certificate, degree, diploma certificate, any pamphlet, training manuals or even a corporate website translated in a foreign language like Chinese, Arabic, German or much more then you are not supposed to do it yourself.

Document translation is a professional business which requires a team of professional linguists having practical knowledge in a particular field like medicine, pharmacy, law, business management or marketing etc. As these professional linguists have the ability to convert a language into a target language which might be their native language.

For document translation services, a native linguist is hired who is supposed to translate source language into a target language which is his mother tongue.

Professional document translation services collect resumes of linguists in their database, which is analyzed from time to time and when a job is received by the agency it is forwarded to the concerned linguist upon his or her availability. Most of the linguists work on freelance basis which means they are not bound to work for full time for any translation agency.

Freelance translators have contacts with number of professional translation agencies; and according to rates, work volume and deadline etc, linguists either accept or reject the project. This is the most expected challenge which pop up during document translation. Linguists either reject the document expressing excuses or demand higher prices for the translation.

If you are an individual and looking for a translator for your document translation then it is not easy for you to contact a translator and get the job done. This is good if you contact a translation agency and communicate further with them about your requirements or need.

Translation companies not only take care of the quality but they also provide you a certified translation, which is demanded by government bodies like ministries or embassies etc.

A translation agency provides you a professional translation of your document, which looks like a professional certificate like your birth certificate, marriage certificate or your degree etc.

If you are active on social media, then you can see banners and advertisements of document translation services on your home page. They have their contact numbers or email IDs. You can contact them at your convenience or fix an appointment to meet face to face. But if the office the translation agency is away from your location then you can just simply send your document and ask them further questions about rates, deadline or quality etc.