Latest news about Amarillo shooting at walmart Texas

In a shocking incident of Amarillo shooting a suspect who tried to hold the employees of Amarillo walmart hostage, was shot dead by the police.

According to the statement issued by the Amarillo Police Department, there were no causalities or harm to the hostages during Amarillo walmart shooting on Tuesday.


The incident which is a kind of workplace violence event, should not be considered any terrorist attack or any activity meant to terrorize the people by any group.

There were no immediate report about the Amarillo shooting because and what caused Amarillo shooting. But as a precaution the police requested the visitors to avoid Amarillo walmart Texas area.

The police received information about a suspect in Amarillo walmart armed with weapons but the police didn’t have struggle very hard to get inside the building and shoot the suspect. When the police started shooting, the suspect didn’t retaliated and was soon shot dead on the spot.

People should avoid rumors and speculations until an investigation about walmart shooting is done. They should also try to stop the walmart shooting incident as any terrorist activity or no one should try to relate the story to any religious community.

There were no reports of how many employees or crew staff or how many visitors were inside when walmart shooting at Texas started.

An investigation team started its investigation about walmart shooting to obverse the motive of the incident, but though there was only one suspect inside the walmart, and he was easily shot dead. There were no reports of any arms or ammunition with the suspect because in such cases suspects are armed with latest technology weapon like the ones we see in Hollywood movies.


RBSE 10th results 2016

RBSE 10th results 15 June 2016, RBSE 10th results 2016, Rajasthan board exam exams 2016

RBSE 10th results 2016RBSE, known as Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, conducts six types of examinations at present: Secondary School Examination, Senior Secondary Examination, Praveshika Pariksha, Varishtha Upadhayay Parisksha, Science talent search examination and National Talent search examination.

10th class exams for RBSE 10th results 2016 was conducted on 15th June 2016 and the board will declare its RBSE 10th results 2016 today.

Like any other exams in the country, thousands of students appear for RBSE 10th results 2016 and they will come online to see the result on RBSE 10th results 2016 official website. Students might have problems to see the result quickly.

This year around 6 lakh students appeared for RBSE 10th exams and today. Students are advised to stay patients and clam till the RBSE 10th results 2016 is not uploaded on the official website of the state.

How to check RBSE 10th results 2016

Just go to the official website of the board and click RESULT 2016 EXAM.

If you find related link like 10th CLASS EXAM OR SECONDARY EXAM 2016 just click the link and provide the information sought like roll number and date of birth etc.

We didn’t receive any official announcement from the board, so we wish to keep you updated and informed about RBSE 10th results 2016, in the meantime, you can also go to the board’s official website and check your results.

RBSE 10th results 15 June 2016, RBSE 10th results 2016, Rajasthan board exam exams 2016

News about JIPMER MBBS result 2016


JIPMERimage log in 2016 result, JIPMER result 2016, JIPMER MBBS result 2016, JIPMER results

The Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research conducted its JIPMER MBBS exams in around 75 cities at 275 venues in different part of India, the JIPMER declared its JIPMER MBBS result 2016 today but due to overflow of visitors JIPMER website is not working properly or working very slow.

The reason behind the website’s not working correctly is unexpected clicks at the same time. Students seeking JIPMER MBBS result 2016 will have to wait till evening or it might take 12 hours approximately or once the students leave the computer it might be easy for you to check your luck for JIPMER MBBS result 2016.

The medical exam for JIPMER MBBS was held on June 5 2016 and the result was declared today. The students appeared for JIPMER MBBS result 2016 are kindly requested to wait and have some patience. We are constantly keeping an eye on the website and once it starts opening and showing JIPMER 2016 result, we will post an updated article. You can also click here to go the website and check your JIPMER 2016 result, JIPMER result 2016.

In addition to providing you information about JIPMER 2016 result, students are advised and suggested not to get dishearten and discouraged as this is the field of patience and you have to show the patience for waiting for your JIPMER 2016 result.

If you have any information about JIPMER 2016 result, please also update us.

JIPMER 2016 result, JIPMER result 2016, JIPMER MBBS result 2016, JIPMER results


Latest update about JIPMER MBBS result 2016

JIPMERJIPMER 2016 result, JIPMER result 2016, JIPMER MBBS result 2016, JIPMER results

Students appeared for JIPMER MBBS exams in the research institutes are having difficulties to reach JIPMER 2016 result due to some technical problems or due to a large number of students visiting JIPMER MBBS result 2016 at the same time.

The medical exam for JIPMER MBBS was held on June 5 2016 and the result was declared today. If you are having any difficulty to reach JIPMER 2016 result and is not able to reach JIPMER 2016 result website, then you should wait or just try to contact the concerned department.

The Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research or known as JIMPER is an Indian medical institute and one of the most prestigious schools to promote European medicine in Asia.

Once JIPMER MBBS 2016 result was declared, students from all over India started to click the website to know more about JIPMER results but unfortunately, the website is running very slow.

Like any other institute it received hundreds of thousands of applications in comparison to its seats. For the time being for JIPMER 2016 results, there are more than 1.5 lakh applications but only lucky ones will occupy 200 seats.

We can understand that how important JIPMER MBBS result 2016 are for you and how excited you will be to know more about your luck and how well and how bad you did during JIPMER MBBS result 2016.

To know more about JIPMER MBBS result 2016 you know click here.

So unless you get the opportunity to reach JIPMER MBBS result 2016 you can make prayers to god, enjoy this time with your friends and family and make some planning for your future. If get any update about JIPMER MBBS result 2016, please write a comment.

Is Donald Trump twitter really blunt!


Donald Trump twitter campaigning for his presidency and a nominee of the Republican Party in the United States of America, has been known for his fire branding speeches and words has once again proved that he is getting away from common people by targeting his opponents.

A campaign for presidency means to join and shake hand with everyone because each and every vote has unexpected importance to make the ballot box heavy and I think Donald Trump has forgotten this point in his mind.

Is there any institute where such things are taught anywhere in the world?

Anyway Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren on Twitter came to light openly in public. The Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren on Twitter got intensified when Donald Trump commented on Elizabeth Warren on Twitter saying that she is a “Very racist”.

Donald Trump addressed Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” again and again in Elizabeth Warren’s absence but this is not going to harm Elizabeth Warren’s personality being a woman and she will have the sympathy of thousands of women considered as Pocahontas.

In my last blog about Donald Trump I wrote “To keep pace with the targeted voters and bring them in the line, Donald Trump relied on social networking sites which is considered one of the strongest way of communicating the voters and talk to them directly, but now he has realized that this way of communication is going to do any good for him”.

But now Donald Trump needs to be more presidential about Donald Trump twitter.

Bad news for private hospitals and good news for patients in Delhi


DDA and Land & Development Office of Government of India allots lands on concessional rates to trusts and registered societies to establish hospitals and other healthcare facilities to provide free medical treatments to poor or the people below poverty line. Hospitals are supposed to provide specific percentage of beds to the poor people free of cost.

But leading private hospitals such as Pushpawati Singhania Research, Dharamshila Cancer Hospital, Shanti Mukand Hospital, Max Super Specialty Hospital (Saket) and Fortis Escorts Heart Institute have breached the code of conduct and ignored the guidelines resulting in 600 crore fines because these hospitals have been using the beds and earning money. These hospitals don’t allow free treatment to poor people; otherwise their conditions are so strict and hard that poor people are unable to follow. Though free treatment is the main condition for land allotment.

Social media and its importance in our daily life

sabakuchFacebook, once launched with an intention to create news and information about Harvard’s students, changed the history and became an internet miracle and gave a new idea to people to think in a new way. Facebook sensation inspired other programmers and developers to make more successful networking platforms all over the globe.

These social networking sites built a new platform for users to think, communicate, share content including music, images, audio and video; and interact in a new way. Websites such as Vine, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook and many more make it fun to stay connected with family and friends anywhere in the world.

We are always updated with their videos, photos, images, statues and their activities they post on their profiles. Nowadays the role social media is not only essential for our private life, but it provides us opportunities and tools to develop our business potential and increase our revenues. You can easily grow your professional skills and read articles to gain experience, especially when you look for a good job., a trio for professional and personal connects at the same platform.