Learn new online social media marketing skills to expand translation agency


If you have just started your new translation agency and looking for ways to promote it to get some new translation projects then try online social media marketing skills which are quite different from traditional marketing.

Setting up a translation agency is such a challenging job, which everyone loses in the beginning because of tough competition, lower rates and unavailability of experienced translators in different locals and foreign languages. Learning about online social media marketing skills will answer to all your queries.

There is one thing which is very common between a translation agency and online social media marketing skills; both of them are found on internet.

Our life style and living standard has made us a little bit orthodox about technology which forces us to keep sitting and find everything online. Thus, online social media marketing skills become more important for everyone, especially for a translation agency.

As a translation agency, you will not only engage with new people, but you will also expose your products and services. Online social media marketing skills provide an online market where clients as well as service providers meet each other.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc are some of the leading social medial marketing platforms, where you can promote your translation services.

But be patient while learning about online social media marketing skills because there are hundreds of translation agencies and thousands of translators working together. They are not supposed to leave them and join you overnight.

You need unique content to engage with people through these platforms. Online content includes written text, images, videos etc.

The more interesting content you have, the more followers you will have towards your site. Once you get a regular from of visitors or followers towards your translation agency website, they will turn into your customers if your services and products match their queries.

Online social media marketing skills will not make you popular suddenly; you need lots of patient and hard work.



Grow translation agency services through Social Media Marketing


If you are running translation agency services or language services then keep some points in mind if you are not interested in Social Media Marketing. Some people who are new in translation industry, think that this is nothing but a waste of time.

To promote your translation agency services, you should be well-versed with changing market trends and new technology. There was a time when newspapers, billboards, big banners, pamphlets, radio and television were the main medium to promote services and products and of course, it was the great way to approach potential customers.

But for the time being, you don’t need all these, sources to promote and develop your services and products. Using different strategies of social medial marketing and engaging with online people, you can tell them about your translation agency services and what kind of translation services you offer.

Nowadays, all the companies and agencies like translation agency offer its services through online practice. There are some mechanism and tactics which you should keep in mind to promote your translation services. Translation services include document translation, interpretation and transcription etc.

So we can say that there is a great combination between social media marketing and translation agency services.

If you don’t exist on social media, then you do not exist anywhere. The more presence you have, the more translation opportunities you have in your business.

Through social media marketing, you can connect not only the employers, direct clients but you can also have access to large number of translators from any part of the world.

Technology continues to develop to make our life easy but unfortunately, the more easiest life we have, more time problem we have. So obviously you will have to connect to people when are online.

So for better business opportunities in translation agency services, you must have social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Watsapp etc.

The Match between Cowboys vs Packers

The Match between Cowboys vs Packers


Cowboys vs Packers

This Sunday was so much meaningful just because of Cowboys vs Packers match played between two teams. The Dallas Cowboys were quite lucky to be hosted by the Green Bay Packers; though the game was nothing but a single loss which was seen during the game show. The ball between Cowboys vs Packers was moving consistently in the ground; during the game, Green Bay tried his best to turn the ball over but unfortunately, he couldn’t get much success.

There were so many reasons to lose and win but the game of Cowboys vs Packers was quite entertaining for the audience.

This is a fact that 30-16 victory fell in the yard of Cowboys who were happy to leave Lambeau Field, but on another hand, it gave some depressing impressions to the Packers, who were more than sad after seeing a defeat which brought them to the drowning position with score 3-2.

But you might not surprised if you hear about some injuries during Cowboys vs Packers game show. During the fourth quarter, Bryan Bulago received some injuries, which caused him to take some rest but his position was restore by Jason Spriggs.

If you want to know more about Cowboys vs Packers match, then keep searching more interesting news.

Who is Dan Sultan?


If you ask any Indian about Sultan, they will give you a lot of content about Sultan as Sultan is Indian actor starer movie, which is making a huge profit on box office. But in this blog, we would like to tell you something about Dan Sultan. Dan Sultan, who is also known as Daniel Leo, but in music industry he is known as Dan Sultan.

Dan Sultan is a well known and leading guitarist, songwriter and a rock singer. And of course, he has rocked the world by his stunning musical chord.

In 2014, Dan Sultan was nominated for Best Rock Album for Blackbird. He also won Best Blues & Roots Album and Best Male Artist during ARIA Music Awards organized in 2010.

Dan Sultan fans all over the world were so much excited to wait for his next album “Magnetic”. The music is kind of something soothing and relaxing. You can enjoy cool music video which you which you never expected from Dan Sultan.

Magnetic a kind of animated video, which you can enjoy in stop motion. There were number of studios to create this animated video but Dan Sultan contacted Dropbear Digital which is a Melbourne based studio.

The reason for this animated video might be his busy and hectic schedule, as Dan Sultan had no time to be filmed.

The idea of stop motion was presented by Director Jonathan; he suggested that instead of Dan Sultan’s whole body, only his head should be shown using stop motion technique.

So let’s hope that this time, the head of Dan Sultan will really make a cool impression of his skills mesmerizing the listeners.

Online Audio Transcription Services and Translation Agency

Audio transcription services in number of languages is getting popular due to number of facts; such as a person can listen to the audio and detect the mistakes done during the speech or conversation. On one hand, audio transcription is getting popular but on another hand, it is expensive also. Because during audio transcription, sometimes the quality is so poor that you are hardly able to understand even a single word.

In audio transcription there might be from one speaker to more than three or four speakers, who speak at the same time. Thus, audio transcription filed becomes more challenging and more complicated for people who are looking for a good career opportunity in audio transcription industry.

Audio transcription services are provided by the translation industry as experienced and qualified translators have the ability to transcribe the audio files. As far as the bad accent of speakers and background noise is concerned, only native translators have the competency to finish the audio transcription task.

During audio transcription, the speech or any oral content is recorded and then the recorded audio files are converted into different formats to be played in different software.

Audio transcription files must be compatible to be played in software like Express Scribe etc. And then a transcriber listens to the audio and then transcribes them into the native languages. Sometimes, the clients need verbatim audio transcription and sometimes they like to some changes in audio transcription to get the quality in written content or transcription.

Audio transcription is being used for number of purposes in government offices, courts, seminars and media. If you are an experienced translator and have good command on your native language as well as in a second language like English then audio transcription is a good career for you.

Importance of document translation to compete the market trends

Increasing market competition creates more brands and more services to promote a company; in such a situation, you must have the art of addressing the issues and understanding consumers’ requirements. If you are planning to target more customers and clients for your company then only one language will not be enough to develop your potentials. To promote the products and services in more language will surely give you a big market share.

Above and beyond English, you need to promote yourself through languages also which are spoken and written in the market. Day by day increasing market competition has created a new way for companies to engage with more people. Companies are contacting translation agencies for document translation services.

Through document translation services, they will reach target customers directly. In addition to this, people prefer to read about products and services in their native language. A document translation is not merely a conversion of languages. A translator must have the knowledge of marketing, how to promote products and services in the market, well-versed in changing market trends.

A document translation which is supposed to be translated for products and services, has its own language which is highly professional; and when the source language is translated in a target language, some points should be kept in mind and a good translator is well aware of that.

For example, how you can add some fun and interest in target language. In a document translation, there are some ideas and some explanation, and some details of products and services.

A translator is not supposed to replace the words and sentences from another language. He or she should think how people would like to read about a particular product and service. How a new document translation can convince the customers to know more about the company.

In the whole process, a professional translation agency offering document translation can understand all these facts.

Just creating or developing a website and adding more pages to it are not enough unless each and every aspect of the market is analyzed. A document translation doesn’t mean a written hard copy of some content, it can include the scripts of advertisements, marketing strategies, business plans etc.

Suppose a company made a wonderful advertisement which is so much popular in a particular language but it will have no effects on people who don’t understand it at all. The advertisement will lose its charms and efficacy.

So companies should hire translation agencies for their all types of document translations. Document translation not only makes people understand a new language but it creates more opportunities and audience for a company.

For effective business strategy, a document translation is must and for a translation a translation agency is compulsory.

Choose the right translation agency for your document translation

Finding a right and reliable translation agency for your document translation is easier said than done job which you don’t know how to tackle. There are hundreds of translation agencies offering translation services but there is no guarantee that all of them will meet your requirements and provide you high quality document translation under your budget.

If you don’t have enough time to search for the best translation agency offering quality document translation then you will end up in nothing. To solve your problems and save you from putting yourself into unsafe situation, I have compiled some tips about choosing the right the translation agency for document translation.

If you keep below mentioned points in mind then you can save your time, money and get high quality document translation.

Turnaround time

On time delivery or deadline of a document is very important. Ask the translation agency to give you an idea of how much time they will need to give you the document translation. If they have in house translators, they will be able to provide you the translation within short period of time. If they get your document translation done through another translation agency, then it will take a long time.

So make everything clear if they have in house translators for your document or they will hire another translation agency. If they hire someone else, then obviously the charges for your document translation will go up.

Confidential policy

The more sensitive a document is the more stringent confidential policy a translation agency should have. If your document relates to marriage, divorce, date of birth or any vital information, then ask the translation agency not to share it with every translator on database.

The document translation should be provided by a qualified and competent translator, who has already worked on such projects before and understands the importance of privacy.

Field of knowledge and proficiency

An expert native medical translator can be good in all medical fields as he is well aware of medical terms, medicines, pharmacy and formats used in medical field; but still the same native translator cannot perform well in legal field. So if you have specific document translation, you need to ask the translation agency if they will assign the job to the translator having the same field experience.

Translation quality

Though, you can find online machine translation but when you hire a translator or a translation agency for your document translation, you expect the quality and if they don’t provide you with the quality then there is no sense to spend your time and money while dealing with them.

Ask the document translation agency how you can believe utmost quality from their side. You can read clients’ comments if there are ones. Moreover, you can read about their clients. While reading such stuff, you can think that you are being served by a professional translation agency.

Who is doing your job

You are paying for your document translation which is very important for you; so you have the right to know who is going to perform the translation for you.

Ask the translation agency to send you the CV of the translator, this is the best way to find out the quality and get satisfied about the work that the translation agency promises you.

But don’t forget that for tiny or small work, translation agency will not be interested in sharing translator’s CV with you. But still you can ask them for a CV without contact details.

If you keep above mentioned points in your mind then your document translation will be the best in quality and you will never get disappointed while spending your money and time.