Research Methodology

Research methodology depends completely on investigation which may regard to scientific, economical, social and other approaches. The process of investigation is started into the consequences of a particular things and the nature of the reasons. Karl Pearson explained scientific method in such words “The scientific method is one and same in the branches and that method is the method of all logically trained minds.” He also says that science has its own methods, which are necessary and fundamental aspects for its unity irrespective of which person classify the facts and what its material is.

Research methodology has assumed significance and is not complete unless primary steps are adopted, which include:

Find out what the research problems are
Represent all the consequences and observation based on past references and findings of the observations
Defining hypothesis based on the findings
Collecting statistics, facts and data
Analyzing the statistics, facts and data
Preparing final report

The main purpose of the research methodology is finding solution to any particular problem. Group discussion is considered to be the best tool for solving such problems and then summarize different thoughts and consequences in a scientific manner, which becomes a benchmark for new research.

Indian Sari Evergreen Choice of Women

There are so many dresses worn in India, but saree is well known due to its special features and unique wrapping style which gives a rare identity to Indian women all over the world. The translation of Saree in other languages is closer to Sari, Saari or Saree etc. It has been in fashion for centuries and still retains its popularity among the masses and the classes.

Brief history of Saree

There are evidences which show that saree belongs to Indus Valley civilization dated back to 3000 BC. The history reveals that in Indus Valley civilization, women used to wrap or cover their body with a long piece of cloth. You know that the origin of saree is Prakrit word “Sattika”. If you read Buddhist literature, you will find the word “Sattika”, which later started to be pronounced as sati and then converted into saree.

Features of Saree

There are so many states in India and each of them has its own wrapping or draping style. Normally the length of saree is between 5 to 9 yards. You can find saree in as many colors, styles, designs and paintings as there are people of different choices. It especially is made of cotton and silk still you can find different material being used in saree. Silk saree is most expensive but really charming and beautiful. One of the most interesting features of saree is it could be wrapped by as many woman as possible because it is not cut and sewn to any particular size or shape.

The trend of wearing saree is getting popularity even in Urdu speaking people in pakistan due to its uniqueness, which modern women like most.

Some popular styles and fashions of saree

Tribal saree fashion which belongs mostly to some tribes or villages in which saree is simply tied tightly instead of wrapping from breasts to the ankles. Just like the way some women wrap an expensive towel after shower.

Bengali saree fashion no creases and folds, one end of the saree is placed over the shoulder.

Nivi saree fashion belongs to Andhra Pradesh. One end of the saree hands over the shoulder and saree is tucked into the petticoat waistband.

Maharashtrian saree fashion showcases the women having the center of the saree at the backside. The ends are tied tidily forward then the two ends are brought around the legs and wrapped. There is an additional long cloth is also used with the saree, which is the main difference between dhoti and the saree.

Gujarati saree fashion, which is deferent from other in placing the saree over the right shoulder instead of left shoulder. These sarees are quite expensive and famous world over, because they are eye-catching and spell charms on the beholders.

Modern saree fashion, which is the combination of all styles, the main feature of the style is look gorgeous and sexy. Having a look at these saree, you will not be able to find which state they belong to, because these sarees are designed by modern fashion designers and expert for models, actresses and for brides. The blouses are quite small with backless or having some straps tied backwards and lifting front portion upwards.

If you are going to plan a special wedding or gala, select from the ones designed by experienced fashion designers and expert to steal the charm of atmosphere, because saree is forever and wear it the way you want.

There are so many dresses worn in India, but saree is well known due to its special features and unique wrapping style

Yoga Guru Ramdev joined Anna’s platform against corruption

A flare burnt against corruption and corrupt officers by Anna Hazare is getting support all over India. This is the first time that a real Indian following the Mahatma Gandhi non-violence policy got not only so much support from all corner of the country, but also forced government to do something substantial against slow poison of corruption, dishonesty and bribery in society.

Anna Hazare’s determination of saving India has also forced a common man about how without pelting a stone, shouting slogans against government and high profile officers and ministers they can get what they want.

Now Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev joined Anna’s platform to show his full support.

Anna is out of 1200,000,000 people who felt the pulse of Indian politics and he also set an example for other people what is the best way to get the best.

Anna started his agitation days ago, but renowned people of India showing them as real India did not joined him the first day. Maybe they were thinking that he will not last for long with his nonviolence movement.

But, when they realized that Anna is determined, they started to come one by one.

Maybe our corrupt offices think the way a real Indian can.

April 7, 2011 earthquake again jolted Japan, creating high alert for new tsunami

Japans people have again felt massive anger of earthquake which was measured around 7.4 on Richter scale. People were shocked to felt recent quake on Thursday. When the earthquake jolted the region engineers were trying to pump in nitrogen at the Fukushima inside the reactor. They were trying to prevent any further hydrogen blast which was noticed to be a desperate attempt in this regard.

118 kilometer of Fukushima was rolling under the jolts of quake. According to the authorities, it might be an alert for another tsunami. April 7, 2011 new quake bring more than feet high waves.

The severity of 7 April quake was so harsh that it was also felt in Tokyo, even though no causalities or damage was reported so far. This is because all the sensitive or tender parts have been devastated by the previous earthquake and tsunami.

March 11, 2011 earthquake which was measured 9 at the Richter scale destroyed the atomic facility and devastated Japanese economy completely.

Authorities which is already worried about devastated nuclear plant of Japan is little concerned this time as no damage was noted from anywhere.

UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie in Tunisia with refugees

Yesterday, Angelina Julie was seen in Tunisia. She is not there for any upcoming movie shooting as people are discussing about Angelina Jolie 2011 new movie. But being there with a big crowd can inspire new title for new movie for the actress.

After Angelina Jolie reached Tunisia, people started to get a glimpse of her and when they saw her, she was surrounded within minutes by a huge crowd of onlookers most of them included refugees.

The main purpose of visiting refugee camp is to find the situation of people migrated from Libya due to ongoing crises and battle between the government and anti-government forces. Due to violence in Libya most of the innocent people were killed.

She is there as goodwill ambassador for the United Nation high commissioner. Angelina is also conveying different messages from the UN.

This is also good news for Angelina Jolie that she was not hurt during the visit. She was taken away from there by the escorting staff.

Wayne Rooney acceptance of charges

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is ready to accept the charges leveled against him regarding the use of abusing or insulting language, according to the England’s Football Association.

Wayne Rooney also said that accepting the charges does not mean he is going to accept “two mach automatic bans for Rooney” easily as they are not acceptable at all or are more than injustice.

Accusation against Rooney came to light on Saturday after the victory of United over West Ham in the Premier League.

There are news that Rooney’s submission would be heard accordingly giving him ample opportunities to express his views and justification about the bans on 2 matches.

April 4, 2011 earthquake in Delhi

On Monday at about 5:2 pm earthquake jolted the citizens of Delhi. Even though the shocks were very minor but it was felt for longer time. No causalities have been noted down so far. It is also not clear where the epicenter of this Delhi earthquake is.

This is not the first time that such types of quakes have been felt; January also saw such quakes during the month of January at around 1:58 am when people were sleeping. Even at that time no loss was told from any area.

The information about Delhi April earthquake has been posted just after minutes. For further information about April 4, 2011 earthquake is still awaited unless more investigation is done.