Dishoom Movie Review; a mix of comedy and action


Dishoom Movie Review; Dishoom an adventure and action movie like other Indian movies with some romance and mystery.

The movie is based on a missing Indian batsman, who is a known cricketer but nobody knows his whereabouts. The news of his being missing spread just before the Indian and Pakistani match begins.

A team of two cops is set up to find his traces within 36 hour.

The film was directed and written by Rohit Dhawan and starts Jacqueline Fernandez, Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Akshaye Khanna.

Though there is nothing special about the film as the film is based on a fictional story but there are some commercial spices which makes the film interesting and loving.


The movie is blend of romance sequences, some fight and humorous scenes, but nothing goes together.

If you pay attention to first half of the movie, you will see yourself smiling or laughing but the next half can be crucial for you.

In the second half, you will realize about Dishoom move revive, the sound of Dishoom, Dishoom starts in the next half of the movie.

If anybody asks you about Dishoom movie review you can say that it is a value of money and time.




What is Pseudo-secularism; Burkha Dutt vs Arnab Goswami


Media is the fourth pillar of democracy but how true it is depends on collective thinking of the industry. Recent debate between Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami and NDTV consulting editor Barkha Dutt sounds a war proving each other wrong. Barkha’s recent post on facebook against Arnab’s comments for calling journalists “as pseudo-secular and pro-Pakistan”

Pseudo-secularism is a term which is used for the people who are keen to appease the minority while closing the eyes to the majority. In India, such people are considered against Hindu people, which accounts for the major religion in India.


Thought he didn’t target the whole media community but his comment against such journalists in India is an attack on journalism that these people are working for Pakistan and there should be stringent punishment for them.

Disagreeing with him, Burkha strongly criticized him and asked him about his lips keeping mum regarding PDP and BJP’s commitment to negotiating with Hurriyat and Pakistan.

Barkha said “she is ashamed to be from the same industry as Goswami who called for gagging of media”.

Now the question arises if the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi says anything which goes in favor of Pakistan; will Arnab also demand stringent actions against Narendra Modi?

Hollywood song Kala Chashma Bar Bar Dekho


Baar baar dekho, kala chasma song, kala chashma baar baar dekho

Baar Baar Dekho, the most awaited Hollywood Indian movie starring Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif.

Baar Baar Dekho was directed by Nitya Mehra. Katrina Kaif will play as Diya and Sidharth Malhotra will be seen as Jai in the movie.

Baar Baar Dekho is a Hindi language phrase which means watch again and again. This is such a movie which audience would like to watch again and again.


It is believed that the Baar Baar Dekho is a different kind of romantic and funny film will be released on 9 September 2016 all over the world, but waiting for such a long time feels really boring thing.

to add some spices in Baar Baar Dekho, the movie was filmed in different parts of the world like Glasgow, Scotland. And it was also shot in leading Indian cities delhi and Mumbai.

Though there are number of composers in Baar Baar Dekho such as Bilal Sayeed, Jasleen Royal, Komail Shayan, Badshah and Amaal Mallik

But the Song Kala Chasma that was released on 27 July 2016 made a boom in film industry. Around 3 minutes song blew up the mind with sizzling Katrina Kaif. Kala Chasma Baar Baar Dekho became the tone of everyone after it got released.

Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra pair created a good chemistry in the song.

As usual Katrina Kaif appeared in the song wearing sexy attires and draw more attentions.

You will watch the actor and actress wearing dark black goggles, Kala Chashma.

If you are really excited to watch Baar Baar Dekho and cant wait till September, then you can enjoy the hit song of Kala Chashma Baar Baar Dekho.

Michelle Obama DNC 2016 brought tears and cheers


michelle obama speech, michelle obama dnc 2016, michelle obama dnc speech

Politics is politics that politicians want to win by hooks and by crooks. When two politicians campaign against each other, one either wins or one looses, or one either looses or one either wins.

American presidential election is not only the election for an American president. The election is very crucial to make a balance of “Power” in the world.

People have heard a lot about taunts, hate, disgusting words and hateful speech during the election campaign.

People vote for the one, whom they consider to be loyal, respectful, dutiful, responsible and especially honest to his or her duty and making people’s dream come true.

Michelle Obama speech did much more than people expected her to say. Normally a simple looking lady, who always appeared smiling and happy while talking to people and sharing her time with children.

She is the first black “first lady” on the soil of United States. She is quite different in comparison to her role as the first lady. And she of course, proved it while addressing Democratic National Convention 2016.

During her 15 minutes speech, she shook the audience while addressing them in DNC 2016. If she would have campaigned before, Michelle Obama speech would have done wonders for American people.

52 years old Michelle Obama, who is a writer and a lawyer but not a politician, brought tears and cheers from the audience when she calmly delivered her speech to unite the party.

Michelle Obama speech was targeted at Donald Trump, he never mentioned his name during the campaign, but he would like to hear her words as Michelle Obama speech DNC 2016 is much more than some words and sentences.

Donald Trump campaign by his slogan “Make America Great Again”, created so many doubts about America being super power.

President Barak Obama never liked Donald Trump’s public language that he used on TV. He said “Our motto is when they go slow, we go high”.

Some wise sentences of Michelle Obama speech go like “Don’t let anyone tell you that this country isn’t great. This right now is the greatest country on earth,”

Understanding the importance of presidential election, first lady asked the audience that this election is not only about an American president but about the one who understands the importance of lives, especially the children. The shape that you would give them, the shape will be used for our country. She said that she cant believe anyone in presidential race, but she would give her preference to Hillary Clinton.

She is the most talented, successful and a qualified candidate for the election, according to her.

michelle obama speech, michelle obama dnc 2016, michelle obama dnc speech


What to Keep in Mind; Document translation services in Delhi India

There is a huge demand for document translation services all over the globe which resulted in lots of translation agencies and more jobs for translators and linguists in every part of the world.

The search for better job opportunities, establishing a good career, going abroad for higher studies are some of the reasons which emphasized translation agencies to provide certified and authentic document translation services.

A document translation service is a very sensitive matter and is quite different from other translation project because it requires the translator or linguists to have the mastery of the words which are used in original documents as well as in target language.

There are thousands of companies and translation agencies offering document translation services, but make sure they have strict confidential policy and their commitment is approved by their clients.

Document translation is supposed to be submitted in government agency, embassies etc to confirm the authentication of your written statement.

In countries where English is not its official or government language officials needs everything to be translated in their language so that they can validate your entry in the country.

In some countries, you might require to hire document translation services to get your passport translated.

There are software companies claiming to provide document translation services software. But this software is of no use as document translation is a very serious matter and no machine can be replaced by real and experienced translators.

You can go online and search lots of document translation services but you have to make sure which company is in demand and how its clients are satisfied.

Don’t try to look for the cheap document translation services provider. Some translation agencies charge more than your expectations but they also give you what you can’t expect. Of course! Quality!


Fort Myers Shooting Updates


A party which started at “Swimsuit and Glow Party,” Club Blu turned out to be a shooting place at Fort Myers.

Club Blu party which entertains youngsters from 12 years old to 17 years old.

According to the news agencies, at least there were 19 people injured and two people died during the Fort Myers shooting.

At Club Blu, which organizes events for different occasions for young people, doesn’t need any ID. This is a fun place where everyone can participate without any objection.

Though there were two suspects who have been detained by the police for further investigation but no confirm report of arrest has been made so far at Fort Myers.

Club Blu party started at around 8:30 and when the Fort Myers shooting started, everyone was taken aback.

According to the police of Fort Myers, the shooting started at 12:30 by some identified persons in Club Blu.

Fort Myers is a famous fun and commercial place in Florida and a leading tourist destination where thousands of people come for fun and enjoyments.

After the Fort Myers shooting started, Fort Myers police reached the spot and took the victims to the nearest hospital to provide medical treatment.

Social media sites Facebook and Twitters started to post several updates about Fort Myers shooting and sympathy for the ones died at Club Blu and got injured.

“Club Blu released a statement on Facebook expressing its deep sorrow over the incident. It was hosting a Swimsuit Glow Party where no ID was required” According to BBC news agency.


A permanent relief for Actor Salman Khan from High Court in blackbuck case


Salman Khan, suffering from two charges of killing a blackbuck and a chinkara, got relief from high court on Monday. The Rajasthan High Court acquitted Salman Khan by abolish a lower court’s verdict.

Salman Khan had appealed with Rajasthan High Court, his appeal was accepted.

The lower court found him guilty and ruled that Salman Khan should be sentenced 1 and 5 fives in two different cases.

Salman Khan, though always finds himself surrounded with controversies by using controversial language in his statement, but he is lucky to get rid of post controversial issues.

Salman Khan recently compared his fatigues to a “raped woman”, which caused nuisance for woman organizations and a hot debate started between his followers and protestors.

Salman Khan acquitted by the court is good news for his fans all over the world. This is a boom for his recently released movie Sultan which is going to be a blockbuster of the year.

Due to lack of evidences from the public prosecutor Salman Khan acquitted by the high court.

Salman Khan was convicted in 1998 for shooting antelopes. The court gave its verdict that there is no clear evidence that the animals were shot at by Salman Khan.

He a has a long list of followers on social media sites such as twitter, facebook etc. Let’s see how his followers celebrate the news of Salman Khan acquitted by Rajhestan High court.