A permanent relief for Actor Salman Khan from High Court in blackbuck case


Salman Khan, suffering from two charges of killing a blackbuck and a chinkara, got relief from high court on Monday. The Rajasthan High Court acquitted Salman Khan by abolish a lower court’s verdict.

Salman Khan had appealed with Rajasthan High Court, his appeal was accepted.

The lower court found him guilty and ruled that Salman Khan should be sentenced 1 and 5 fives in two different cases.

Salman Khan, though always finds himself surrounded with controversies by using controversial language in his statement, but he is lucky to get rid of post controversial issues.

Salman Khan recently compared his fatigues to a “raped woman”, which caused nuisance for woman organizations and a hot debate started between his followers and protestors.

Salman Khan acquitted by the court is good news for his fans all over the world. This is a boom for his recently released movie Sultan which is going to be a blockbuster of the year.

Due to lack of evidences from the public prosecutor Salman Khan acquitted by the high court.

Salman Khan was convicted in 1998 for shooting antelopes. The court gave its verdict that there is no clear evidence that the animals were shot at by Salman Khan.

He a has a long list of followers on social media sites such as twitter, facebook etc. Let’s see how his followers celebrate the news of Salman Khan acquitted by Rajhestan High court.


Mukesh a legendry voice


Mukesh a legendry singer of his time was considered the best voice combination of his voice and Raj Kapoor. Mukesh got the popularity for singing Raj Kapoor’s movies. Though there were other legendry singers like Kishore Kumar, Manna Dev and unique and famous singer Mohammad Rafi.

The translation of Mukesh in English means an Epithet of God which is attributed especially to Shiva. It means the person who destroys the power of demon. And Mukesh did the same through his voice.

Mukesh full name is Mukesh Chand Mathur, but I think he is known as Mukesh only. Mukesh was born in Punjab on Second July 1923. His parents Chand Rani and Zorawar Chand Mathur had ten children and Mukesh was sixth.

Since the childhood, Mukesh had been very keen to learn and understand music. Mukesh’s interest for music was discovered by a teacher who used to come home to teach his sister.

Though Mukesh never tried to tell the family members that he is keen and interested to learn music, but the music teacher noticed that he would listen to the music from the next room.

After 10th grade, Mukesh didn’t go to the college or any university but he got a job in the department of Public works.

During his job, Mukesh never gave up the idea of putting music in this blood. Mukesh kept practicing his voice and kept singing whenever he got a chance to do so. His voice was very sweet and melodies and whenever anyone would listens to Mukesh’s voice, he would become spell charmed.

Slowly and gradually Mukesh became the master of musical instruments as well as different singing styles. Like other singers, Mukesh also used Urdu words in his songs due to its sweetness and commonness among the masses and the classes.

Mukesh won four filmfare awards in 1959, 1970, 1972 and 1976 for Kab Kuch Seekha Humne, Sabse Bada Naddan, Jai Bole Beimaan Ki and Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein respectively.

Mukesh started his singing career from Nirdosh in 1941 and since then he keep serving the film industry with his unmatched beautiful songs.

The last movie that Mukesh sang for was Chand Grahan in 1998.

Mukesh’s last journey was United States where he went to perform for a concert but unfortunately he developed a chest pain which caused his death. This chest pain caused a heart attack and he died on 27th August.

Mukesh is not among us but he is still remembered and will keep being remembered all over the world by his fans and family members. Nation is proud to have such a singer who made us smile, laughed and brought some tears through his amazing voice. Let’s remember him not only his birthday which is 22nd July but throughout the year by listening his songs and sharing them.

Alex Jones’ new controversy


Alexander Emerick, a well-known radio writer, documentary filmmaker and a radio show host, but you can call him Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is always surrounded with conspiracies, but these conspiracies are not hatched by anyone else but himself.

42 years old Alex Jones is very frank and blunt when there is a matter of putting charges on anyone. He didn’t spare even the US government. Alex Jones pointed his finger at the Oklahoma City bombing. He said that the government is involved in this bombing.

There is a long list of controversies but he is not always wrong. Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, he gave a statement about gun control in the United States.

But this time he had some skirmishes with anti Trump protestors. Alex Jones was seen interrupting the Young Turks, and challenged the host of Young Turks. Alex Jones was not happy for the support being offered to Hillary Clinton.

If you need to know more about what happened next, you can read his twitter hot comments.


How to make a career in translation for life time

images1Most of the linguists are concerned about how to make a career in translation full time. but before going ahead and talk about this serious question, there are some important facts that you must keep in your mind.

Ask yourself why you think about how to make a career in translation

As far as translation is concerned it is not a cup of tea that you can have anytime you want. There are so many problems, complications and unexpected obstacles that you have to face. So think again and then go ahead. There are challenges like short and tight deadline that you can’t meet. You got a big project that you can’t handle within the prescribed closing date.

Once you start exploring this field, you will have dozen of adventures; you will see yourself waking up in the middle of the night, you can disturb your family but you can’t reject the project.

Ask yourself why you don’t like your present jobs. What kind of complications you can’t face in your life. Do you want to make more money and not satisfied with your monthly salary. There are hundreds of such questions that you can ask yourself.

Once you are ready to make career in translation, just sit and relax. As the translation industry is growing by leaps and bounds, more professionals are jumping into this industry.

What qualifications you need to become a successful translator

You don’t need any degree or diploma because such documents don’t work anything for you unless you have lots of practical experience. So don’t think about finding a university or college to get some certificates.

You have to start from your mother tongue. Improve your mother tongue as far as possible. Learn new words and read newspapers and magazines to get aware about different kinds of styles of writing.

You can write very well in your mother tongue, but it doesn’t mean you will do wonders in translation. You have to learn all types of proverbs, buy different kinds of dictionaries, have to learn about latest and advanced translation tools.

Your half job is done, if you are the master of your mother tongue. Being a master doesn’t mean you have to get any masters degree or diploma.

You can become a master while reading lots of topics, subject, current affairs; the best way of learning a language is reading newspapers daily.

Newspapers keep you updated about new words and sentences. You can learn through the newspapers what you can’t learn from books.

Second language for how to make a career in translation

There are hundreds of local and international languages spoken all over the world. You can choose and search what language is in demand.

For example, Urdu to English, Hindi into English, and Kashmiri to English etc; these pairs are most popular in translation.

To learn a second language, you should learn and should concentrate on grammar and spelling. If you don’t study grammar, you will end up in nothing. Merely knowing about words meaning will not help you.

You should try to memorize at least 10 words daily. If you have more time and your memory is sharp you can increase your vocabulary to great extent. The more you learn, the more experienced you will be.

You should not read newspapers and magazines etc to learn second language. You should start from primary books.

You should study your second language step by step while being calm and patient.

How should I practice myself for translation?

Once you have a good command on both languages, start reading the news which gets published in both newspapers. Keep reading such news daily in both newspapers. You will know about translation style, translation differences, grammar etc.

After studying for some time, read news in your second language and then try to translate it in your mother tongue.

Ask a friend or family member to read your translation and ask him or her to give you some feedback.

After your translation, you should read the same news in your newspaper which is published in your native language.

You will clearly judge yourself.



Oh the title of Mr. World 2016 is really important not because it gives you a position to sit on, but an open road to keep going with fame and money.

And this year the title of Mr. World 2016 went to Indian model Rohit Khandelwal who is a television personality and a popular actor.

26 year old Rohit Khandelwal hails from Hyderabad and it was not an easy task for him to win but with the support of his family and friends and thousands of fans, he made it. He expressed his gratitude and thanks to everyone who encouraged him to participate in the long marathon of Mr. World 2016.

Rohit Khandelwal made a history in Southport UK, where the pageant was organized. Around 50 people participated in the contest from all over the world, but Rohit Khandelwal stole the title of Mr. World 2016. While getting the title of Mr. World 2016, he became first Indian.

According to media report, he not only got the tile of Mr. World 2016 but also got a cash prize of around $50,000 which is equal to INR3361495.

Before making it, Rohit Khandelwal Mr. World 2016, also won other titles such as Mobstar People’s Choice Awards, World Talent Award and World Multimedia Award. There is a long list of awards that go to his account.

Now lets see what is destined for him now. As far as the title of Mr. World 2016 is concerned, it is a big achievement in itself and a big blessing for Rohit Khandelwal.

Google was served notice by Allahabad court for putting Narendra Modi among ‘top 10 criminals’ list on Search engine



To err is human but what about technology driven tools that are supposed to serve the humanity by providing true information! We believe so much on technology that we don’t want to use our common sense.

True and loyal people can be painted they way designers want them to appear to make people notice and earn finical benefits.

Google fed such misguiding information in its search engine which is really shocking and unbelieving. Google presented Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a criminal among “Top 10 criminals” for which Allahabad court served a notice to Rajan Ananda working as Indian head and Sundar Pichai as CEO.

The court asked the concerned authorities to register an FIR against the people responsible for such irresponsibility.

However, there was no comment from the office of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi so far.

In a statement issued by Google it said “”We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding this has caused,”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was outlined as dictators, murderers and terrorists with images.

It is not only Prime Minister Narendra Modi, even famous lawyer Ram Jethmalani, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was put in the search result as criminals.

On social media, Google should use proper language to write anything about anyone.

On the matter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Top 10 criminals”, “These results trouble us and are not reflective of the opinions of Google”, Google top official issued a clarification on Wednesday.

About “top 10 criminals” with images, Google said that it happened because of the algorithm and they are trying to improve it. They also said that there are specific queries from the searchers and sometimes images offers unexpected results.

People are more concerned now about social media activities and how quickly it can tarnish the personality of famous people. And such blunder by Google is clear for everyone and it is an eye-opener.

What is Guru Purnima July 19 2016?

For some, Guru Purnima July 19 2016 or Guru Poornima July 19 2016 is a religious festival and for some, it is an occasion to show gratitude, love, and attachment to the teachers. Guru can be translated in many languages but in English it means a teacher. In some religions, the status of a teacher is more than parents because the parents only give birth to the babies, but a teacher teaches and guides him about how to become a human. A human doesn’t mean a live body with breaths. It has so many responsibilities towards people and society.
Guru Purnima is a Sanskrit word. This is a phrase of two words Guru and Purnima. Guru means teacher and Purnima means full moon. Guru Purnima means the night which has no darkness and you can see everything through the help of your teacher.
So Guru Purnima 2016 July 19 is such an occasion which reminds us how many teachers came in our life and how many of them we liked, and how many of them really changed the course of our life.
Hindus, Buddhists and Jains have immense significance for Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima which is a Hindu and Nepali festival is considered very important because through Guru Puja (teacher’s worship) a teacher is showed respect and honor.
On Guru Purnima Hindu community pays homage to great sage Vyas, which shows the relationship between a teacher and student and it is observed on full-moon.
Guru Purnima is celebrated and observed with more fanfare in Nepal. There are special types of hats and garlands prepared only for teacher during Guru Purnima.
Through social media and other medium Guru Purnima is getting popularity all over the world. So if you have a teacher that you really miss then Guru Purnima 2016 is a good occasion to show your respect and make teacher student relationship stronger.
There is a proverb in Urdu about a teacher which goes like “All flesh is for you but give us the bones”. When parents used to send their pupils to the teacher in ancient times, they used to give such words to the teacher which means we will have no objection if you beat us our child to death.