Yoga Guru Ramdev joined Anna’s platform against corruption

A flare burnt against corruption and corrupt officers by Anna Hazare is getting support all over India. This is the first time that a real Indian following the Mahatma Gandhi non-violence policy got not only so much support from all corner of the country, but also forced government to do something substantial against slow poison of corruption, dishonesty and bribery in society.

Anna Hazare’s determination of saving India has also forced a common man about how without pelting a stone, shouting slogans against government and high profile officers and ministers they can get what they want.

Now Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev joined Anna’s platform to show his full support.

Anna is out of 1200,000,000 people who felt the pulse of Indian politics and he also set an example for other people what is the best way to get the best.

Anna started his agitation days ago, but renowned people of India showing them as real India did not joined him the first day. Maybe they were thinking that he will not last for long with his nonviolence movement.

But, when they realized that Anna is determined, they started to come one by one.

Maybe our corrupt offices think the way a real Indian can.

April 7, 2011 earthquake again jolted Japan, creating high alert for new tsunami

Japans people have again felt massive anger of earthquake which was measured around 7.4 on Richter scale. People were shocked to felt recent quake on Thursday. When the earthquake jolted the region engineers were trying to pump in nitrogen at the Fukushima inside the reactor. They were trying to prevent any further hydrogen blast which was noticed to be a desperate attempt in this regard.

118 kilometer of Fukushima was rolling under the jolts of quake. According to the authorities, it might be an alert for another tsunami. April 7, 2011 new quake bring more than feet high waves.

The severity of 7 April quake was so harsh that it was also felt in Tokyo, even though no causalities or damage was reported so far. This is because all the sensitive or tender parts have been devastated by the previous earthquake and tsunami.

March 11, 2011 earthquake which was measured 9 at the Richter scale destroyed the atomic facility and devastated Japanese economy completely.

Authorities which is already worried about devastated nuclear plant of Japan is little concerned this time as no damage was noted from anywhere.

UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie in Tunisia with refugees

Yesterday, Angelina Julie was seen in Tunisia. She is not there for any upcoming movie shooting as people are discussing about Angelina Jolie 2011 new movie. But being there with a big crowd can inspire new title for new movie for the actress.

After Angelina Jolie reached Tunisia, people started to get a glimpse of her and when they saw her, she was surrounded within minutes by a huge crowd of onlookers most of them included refugees.

The main purpose of visiting refugee camp is to find the situation of people migrated from Libya due to ongoing crises and battle between the government and anti-government forces. Due to violence in Libya most of the innocent people were killed.

She is there as goodwill ambassador for the United Nation high commissioner. Angelina is also conveying different messages from the UN.

This is also good news for Angelina Jolie that she was not hurt during the visit. She was taken away from there by the escorting staff.

Wayne Rooney acceptance of charges

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is ready to accept the charges leveled against him regarding the use of abusing or insulting language, according to the England’s Football Association.

Wayne Rooney also said that accepting the charges does not mean he is going to accept “two mach automatic bans for Rooney” easily as they are not acceptable at all or are more than injustice.

Accusation against Rooney came to light on Saturday after the victory of United over West Ham in the Premier League.

There are news that Rooney’s submission would be heard accordingly giving him ample opportunities to express his views and justification about the bans on 2 matches.

April 4, 2011 earthquake in Delhi

On Monday at about 5:2 pm earthquake jolted the citizens of Delhi. Even though the shocks were very minor but it was felt for longer time. No causalities have been noted down so far. It is also not clear where the epicenter of this Delhi earthquake is.

This is not the first time that such types of quakes have been felt; January also saw such quakes during the month of January at around 1:58 am when people were sleeping. Even at that time no loss was told from any area.

The information about Delhi April earthquake has been posted just after minutes. For further information about April 4, 2011 earthquake is still awaited unless more investigation is done.

How to understand kids?

All the parents are worried about their kids and attitude. But, what the best strategy is to solve daily problems or unexpected incidents happening early in the morning or before going to bed.

Change your attitude and work in fovour of your kids. If you are a parent then you should come down one step from your parenthood and put your foot in their shoe just to know what their mind is running to.

If your kid wants to get something which you think is bad for him. How can you prevent him for reaching there?

In such condition, do not behave like a father or mother. You should change yourself into a friend of the same age.

If your kids ages 10 and is very stubborn, change your age according to him. Think, eat, sleep and behave just like him or her. Once your kid realizes that you are very close to him, you can share good and bad things with him.

I tell you one thing.

My younger brother, who went to meet our sister-in-law (wife of my elder brother), he saw that her niece was forcing to eat an apple. Her mother was trying to convince him that there is no apple but she was determined to eat it.

His father came and simply said “my dear, yesterday when you were sleeping with your pillow then apple and banana befriended and now the apple is inside banana, if you have banana you will have an apple”.

The girl which of six years, believed his father and did not talk about an apple.

There are number of examples we can see in our daily life. But the importance should be given to the practical.




Realize your personal skills

Everyone is born with some unique types of inborn qualities but very few people are able to realize them or some of them are not able to go right way to improve them.

You know, you also have some exceptional superiorities which can make you different. Some people have unique style of writing; they are able to play with words. They can put a charm on anyone through the chain of beautifully written sentences.

But just knowing about your skill is not enough, you need to talk to people, you need support from your parents, your friends, you need to be encouraged to come up with those stuff in your mind.

A qualities make you stand out in the crowd and help you make a career.

Make a list of the stuff that you want to do

Point out the things you can improve or develop

Consider the points that make you think about doing things

Make reasons and objections

Doing such things will surly help you realize you and your personal skills.