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How successful Pakistan army will be to deploy its troops in Saudi Arabia?


Pakistan known as a hub for promoting terrorism and instigating extremists and conservatives on its soil, recently issued a statement known as bilateral security cooperation between two countries Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will send its troops in Saudi Arabia.

According to ISPR, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations ““In continuation of ongoing Pak-KSA bilateral security cooperation, a Pakistan Army contingent is being sent to KSA on training and advice mission,”

The question is if Pakistan has the capability and potential to provide the security and solidarity between two countries as it has never been successful in its own country to curb the terrorists and terrorist organization.

Pakistan has been a key US alliance for decades but its relations with Trump administration went through unexpected bitter experience resulting in withdrawal and cancellation of million dollar aids Pakistan receives from US administration for different purposes.

The security deal between Pakistan and the Kingdom might be the result of banning Hamiz Muhammad Syeed and its agency from collecting funds from different channels.