How authentic machine translation is?

There are two types of translations which can be categorized as machine translation and human translation. As far as machine translation is concerned, it is done either by software, which can work online as well as offline or by an online portal or website like Google etc. Each translation has some advantages and disadvantages and each of them is used by different people for different purposes.

In this article, I would like to put some light on each of them briefly so that you can differentiate between them especially when you are dealing with a confidential document as some documents have important information which can be vital and if the information is disclosed, it can spoil a project, destroy someone’s identity and bring a bad mark on a company’s reputation in the market.


  • You don’t need to wait for days and hours for your translation as machine translation can be done in seconds
  • If your budget is low and you can’t pay for your project, machine translation can be done for free with the help of internet
  • There are hundreds of local and foreign languages in the same drop-down menu, just click your target language and get the translation
  • You can access machine translation from any part of the world, so no need to contact any translation agency or a translator to get your project done
  • Machine translation is so simple that even a newcomer can do it in seconds. Just upload your file from your computer and translate
  • You are not supposed to get any translation certificate from any institute, nor you need any technical skills


Being so much supportive and helpful, machine translation is not preferred by professional translation agencies and translators; even the clients don’t approve machine translation. They are ready to pay the project amount but once they find the translation is a machine translation, they cancel or reject the translation.

Due to the following facts, nobody wants to use machine translation at all.

  • Machine doesn’t have a human mind that is why when it does the translation, either it adds new words or omits original words from the content
  • You can understand what the document is about but you can’t explain it to anyone or can’t rewrite it in your own words
  • The quality of grammar is so bad that even a non-native person is far better than the machine translation
  • It doesn’t support any kind of formatting. For example, if you have chart or boxes in your document, it will delete all the formatting and will give you the translation in simple text
  • Sometimes, it is not able to sense the right words and makes spelling mistakes in some languages

As a result of negative impacts of machine translation, the consequences of machine translation being popular or none; and translation agencies hire translators for manual translation, who not only translate but search every word in dictionaries and sometimes encyclopedia to give the exact meaning to a particular word.

Human translation is expensive but there is no compromise with the quality. To provide the quality to a document, there are lots of stages. For example, a translation has to go through; translation, review, proofreading and formatting.

Irrespective of machine translation, translation agencies have to see if they have translators for a particular language or not. Based on the availability of the translator and a flexible deadline from the client, they accept the project.


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

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