Document translation through professional translation services

Trusting a professional translation services provider is like choosing the right shoe for you; especially when the salesman puts a pile of fancy and expensive pairs of shoes in front of you. Each one of them is a branded one which you prefer to buy but still you are not able to decide which one would be the best for you.

Same dilemma prevails over your mind when you look for professional translation services for your document translation. You can be a master of your field in your profession but your experience would be zero while looking for a translation agency for your translation.

Your problem can be worse, especially when you don’t know anything about a particular language or the language for your document translation.

When someone is born he learns a language in his childhood which becomes his mother tongue or native language but still it doesn’t mean that he is able to translate from or into that language.

To learn a language for translation purposes, someone has to work very hard, understand the language into deep; has to memorize lots of jargons, has to make the vocabulary strong and should have a grasp on a particular subject like medicine, legal, finance etc.

So this is not possible for anyone to learn a language overnight. If you know a little of target language then you can translate your document but;

  • who is going to give quality assurance?
  • Who will proofread it?
  • who will edit it if needed?
  • Who is going to give the perfect formatting and other changes?

There are lots of question which you can’t ask yourself because you can’t find mistakes in your work and you are not authorized to approve your translation yourself. For example, if your document translation is supposed to be submitted in embassy, it will be up to the officer or the concerned person.

He will judge everything and based on that, your work either will be accepted or rejected.

So, what? Obviously, you will need professional translation services as a qualified person or leading translation agency can answer to all your questions to make your document translation perfect in all aspects.

Professional translation services provider plays a vital role to solve all your queries and understand industry’s requirements about a particular document translation.

Document translation in terms of quality, confidentiality and availability of translator becomes a very serious matter for the person who looks for a translation agency for his translation services.

If you are a little bit aware of source language or target language or both of them then you will be able to compare the document translation with the original translation. But if you are not then you will have to depend completely on professional translation services provider.

A single translation agency can provide all local languages or foreign languages translation; but some translation agencies have facility of particular pair of languages like

German to English

Chinese to Arabic translation

Arabic to English

Urdu to English

Hindi to English

Kashmiri to English

Thai to English

But your requirement depends on your language. Suppose you have an Arabic document which you want to get translated into English language. If you know a little bit of Arabic and English language then you can proofread up to some extent. For example, you can obverse main entries like names, particular information, addresses, amounts or digits etc.

There are lots of translation agencies but you can’t decide which translation agency is the best one for your document translation requirements.

How to Choose the Right Translation Agency

Professional translation services have some unique properties which you can read on their websites; though there might be some wrong information but still you can get an idea of being educated.

  • A translation agency must have a confidential policy that they will not distribute vital information to any other translation agency without your permission
  • They will provide complete detail of your project, if you are not aware of it; for example, source language and target language, pages in projects, complete words count in the whole project; and based on it, they will give you exact idea of the cost including services tax
  • They will update you about your project progress everyday so that you don’t have any problem in submitting your project within the deadline
  • They will give you a specific time-frame and under that time-frame you can modify the document translation for free

In addition to this, you should also remember that some specific translation requires long deadline and higher rates because only qualified translators can work on some subjects for example, medical translation, legal translation, financial translation and marketing material etc.

Marketing content which is translated and posted on social media is unique because it is translated in a manner that reader feels it is solely related to them and that is why he gets encouraged to share it with other online users.

As far as general language is concerned, there are plenty of translators available all the time.

You can also read lots of comments and suggestions of professional translation services online. There are some blacklisted translation agencies that cheated not only the translators but destroyed so many projects of clients.

Such types of translation agencies are blacklisted on translation directories and you can read them online.


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

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