Need translation services?

Though, there are lots of online translation agencies and till this article being written, a couple of them will be registered with different department or online translation directories.

If you need to hire a translator or contact a translation agency to get your document translated then put a smile on your face as technology has made everything easy.

But before you contact any translation agency, you should keep some important points in your mind so that you don’t have to spend extra time and money.

Write detail of your project.

Each translator or a translation agency charges for the translation services they provide. The charges for each language are different from other language. Translation agency offer lower charges for big projects, but for small amount of words, they have fixed rates. Normally, for one page document you might be charged 700 to 1000.

If your project is on urgent basis; if yes, then don’t jump towards any source of translation, as it might destroy your search for a linguist. Translation is such a work which needs deep knowledge of source language as well as target language.

A qualified legal translator may not be good in medical translation; so your domain is also very important.

Whatever translation you get, but still you are the king. If you have any doubt about the translation or you think that the translation is not done by a qualified translator then you can contact another translation agency to get your document translated.

Keeping all the above mentioned points in your mind, you can write briefly about your projects and fix your terms and condition before paying the charges.

Translation Project Format

Language pair:                    Source language into target language

Domain:                                Medical, legal, financial, media or academic etc

Pages or words:                   Whatever is assessable (Number of pages, number of                                                         words)

Deadline:                              Mention your delivery date

Contact number:                Don’t forget to your contact number

Your budget:                        If unaware of translation rates, don’t mention your                                                            budget. Instead ask the translation agency to quote their                                      rates

Some documents are confidential like marriage certificate translation, divorce certificate translation or will translation etc, so make sure that the translation agency is following strict policy of confidentiality.



Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

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