How to make a career in translation for life time

images1Most of the linguists are concerned about how to make a career in translation full time. but before going ahead and talk about this serious question, there are some important facts that you must keep in your mind.

Ask yourself why you think about how to make a career in translation

As far as translation is concerned it is not a cup of tea that you can have anytime you want. There are so many problems, complications and unexpected obstacles that you have to face. So think again and then go ahead. There are challenges like short and tight deadline that you can’t meet. You got a big project that you can’t handle within the prescribed closing date.

Once you start exploring this field, you will have dozen of adventures; you will see yourself waking up in the middle of the night, you can disturb your family but you can’t reject the project.

Ask yourself why you don’t like your present jobs. What kind of complications you can’t face in your life. Do you want to make more money and not satisfied with your monthly salary. There are hundreds of such questions that you can ask yourself.

Once you are ready to make career in translation, just sit and relax. As the translation industry is growing by leaps and bounds, more professionals are jumping into this industry.

What qualifications you need to become a successful translator

You don’t need any degree or diploma because such documents don’t work anything for you unless you have lots of practical experience. So don’t think about finding a university or college to get some certificates.

You have to start from your mother tongue. Improve your mother tongue as far as possible. Learn new words and read newspapers and magazines to get aware about different kinds of styles of writing.

You can write very well in your mother tongue, but it doesn’t mean you will do wonders in translation. You have to learn all types of proverbs, buy different kinds of dictionaries, have to learn about latest and advanced translation tools.

Your half job is done, if you are the master of your mother tongue. Being a master doesn’t mean you have to get any masters degree or diploma.

You can become a master while reading lots of topics, subject, current affairs; the best way of learning a language is reading newspapers daily.

Newspapers keep you updated about new words and sentences. You can learn through the newspapers what you can’t learn from books.

Second language for how to make a career in translation

There are hundreds of local and international languages spoken all over the world. You can choose and search what language is in demand.

For example, Urdu to English, Hindi into English, and Kashmiri to English etc; these pairs are most popular in translation.

To learn a second language, you should learn and should concentrate on grammar and spelling. If you don’t study grammar, you will end up in nothing. Merely knowing about words meaning will not help you.

You should try to memorize at least 10 words daily. If you have more time and your memory is sharp you can increase your vocabulary to great extent. The more you learn, the more experienced you will be.

You should not read newspapers and magazines etc to learn second language. You should start from primary books.

You should study your second language step by step while being calm and patient.

How should I practice myself for translation?

Once you have a good command on both languages, start reading the news which gets published in both newspapers. Keep reading such news daily in both newspapers. You will know about translation style, translation differences, grammar etc.

After studying for some time, read news in your second language and then try to translate it in your mother tongue.

Ask a friend or family member to read your translation and ask him or her to give you some feedback.

After your translation, you should read the same news in your newspaper which is published in your native language.

You will clearly judge yourself.


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

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