Social Media and Funny Facts in Our Life

Social People on social media

Once we think of social media, facebook, twitter, watsapp and other social networking sites and messengers come to our mind. We are so much addicted to such stuff that we can’t think out of this. If you don’t have any social account, if you don’t flaunt a smart phone in public or you don’t know how to install different types of apps, you are nothing. It sounds like you are an alien on this earth.

Having a social media account is considered more responsible, more social, and more loyal to your country or especially to your loved ones.

There was a time when people used to invite friends, relatives, colleagues etc to home to have lunches or dinners but now things have changes. People ask you to follow their posts, write some comments about stuff. They can spend hours on internet but don’t have the time to visit anyone. But anyway, we can blame the technology! Isn’t it easy?

Social media, a plant of internet, is nothing but a way of digital marketing. The more hits and likes you get the more money you get in your account. Through social networking sites, websites get traffic which is prompted and sometimes forced to go through other links which you don’t like to read or visit either.

There are millions of companies and agencies engaged with their customers through social media. It might be good for him because this is their livelihood.

Nowadays, people are keen to earn money online. They create different types of websites hoping they will get more visitors and viewers; because these visitors and viewers are turned into advertisements, and companies pay for their ads to the site owners.

A word “social” means a person who in interested in interacting and associating with people. But nowadays people don’t have time for each other. If you go on bus, train, shared taxis and even on street and in shops, you will see people staring on their phones like something is about to come out or their mobiles will deliver a baby. Doesn’t sound it funny! Yeah! I am also smiling while writing this sentence.

There is one funnies thing about social media! To understand a person we use to share our time, our thoughts, our feelings with him or her, but nowadays that person is just in front of you sitting and waiting when you will break the ice and you are busy reading “How to understand a person through his eyes”, how to understand a person through his body language”.

You know people are so keen to social media that they want to read everything posted on it. How? Simple! Translation; they used different software or online machine translation to read and write.

If you have a day off, just spend it on thinking about how unsocial we are because of social media. I don’t want to argue that social media is not good. This is like a medicine, if you take it to cure yourself, it is good. But if you make it your habit, you are going to kill you.


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

6 thoughts on “Social Media and Funny Facts in Our Life”

  1. Hello Mr. John,

    Thanks for the complement. you are right we cant avoid such things, but we can dedicate some times to our friends and family members while visiting them, spending time with them etc. Going to someone in person is quite different from chatting online.


  2. But nowadays social media is a tool to express ourselves and our views which was not possible before the advent of internet. you can connect anyone in the world from anywhere, and express your thoughts and can learn a lot from other people.


    1. Yes, ZAS,

      You are right but instead of connecting with the people who are very close to us, we are trying to spend time with the ones, we dont know if they have time for us or not. We always kept our close ones waiting when we are busy in online activities.


    1. Hello Shebshams,

      Yes, the side effects of social media is we are losing our people who want to share their time, feelings and thoughts with us, but we dont have time for them.


  3. this is a wonderful post. i completely agree with you, but there is no way out to avoid such things.
    i really appreciate your post for pointing out the facts.


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