Help Women And Make Them Feel You Are Their Real Protectors

Women are the most tender gift created by the almighty God for humanity as they are the source of love and affection, but unfortunately they are the most suffered due men. There are lots of stories some are silent and some are still bleeding. Have you ever thought about bitterness and unexplained experience of women never exposing her broken heart and injuries killing them every passing day? If not!

There is one such woman considered as their savior and protector of human rights especially for women of today. She is one of my friends I recently met on Facebook while writing my post. It could be called an accident that I met her, but sometimes that is better if we say that everything to happen has a reason and the reason is created by god.

This great woman known as Safiyya Sarkin was honored with so many rewards from Council Member Mathieu Eugene of the New Yor City Council accepting her great work and hard struggle in providing humanitarian support to the victims of Haiti who lost so much on January 12, 2010 earthquake.

In addition to this, she is running an organization where socially abused women are provided with further support to make their life bright and fight with the injustice and crimes being purported against them. Even though, Safiyya is brave and committed to do justice to the all women of society to the great extent, but financial support is great hindrance for waging a war against women. If you want to joint this crusade and support anything for her organization then it would be a great tribute to humanity. Nobody knows one cent donated by you or one Dollar contributed by you change someone life.

To know more about her, you can visit Women Beyond Survival or you can also contact her at the following address:

Women Beyond Survival
115 East 34th Street Suite 15E
New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 447-5076
Fax : (208) 248-5858

(Safiyya) Marcia Sarkin, President & Founder


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

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