Secrets of Long Lasting Relationship in Life

Life is running very fast and has become very easy due to technology. People have more options and opportunities to come close to new people and interact with them. On one hand we are keen to understand new people, read their minds and know how beneficial they can be for business purposes as well as fun activities. But sometimes, such type of interaction can create problem for our relationship. For example, we get so much busy in our business or new people especially when we are with opposite sex.

We miss important occasions at home, like we promised to take the spouse on dinner, to spend some times with kinds in playground, to do some shopping for new house etc. when we are not able to fulfill home requirement which are the main part of life, we start experiencing the bitter part of our life. Life which was wonderful, full of love before marriage sounds hell!

The problem is most of the couple do not have time to specify and explain everything. They make the decisions without confiding the soul. There are two reasons; either they believe themselves beyond the limitation or do not give importance to minor as well as major decisions in their lives.

It is not so that both of the spouses wish to separate but, one of them always hit the question “how to continue long term relationships”. Do not forget that each designation in relationship requires a lot of responsibilities. The higher your designation is, the more responsibilities you will undertake.

We can also term these responsibilities as secrets. In this article, I will tell you some long term relationship secrets for lifetime.

• Each and every relationship in life is important, irrespective of whom you are like father or son, mother or daughter,
husband or wife.
• Relationship between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend is tenderer as well as stronger in comparison
to other relationship.
• Before taking any decision explore all the positive and negative aspects, share them with your spouse.
• Never hide anything serious from your spouse. Share it with him or her like a friend.
• Never make promises which you cannot keep. if you always break promises at the last moment due to urgency,
then better make surprise promises when you have no work and you are about to reach home.
• spend some time a week with kids only so that feel themselves closer to you, spend some time a week with your spouse
taking about good things in life and spend some time with the whole family discussing different topics and sharing
bitter and happy experiences in life.
• You should also remember that office life is quite different from home, so never merge it with that. Office a place where
you want to make some money from and home is the place which excites you to do something for your family.
• Your home can be a good paradise for you, only when you make it with your spouse and kids. A home does not mean four
walls and a ceiling. It means people understanding each other. Once you follow these simple steps in your life you will know
the secrets of how to continue long term relationships.


Author: S. A. Razmi

The author is a creative writer with deep knowledge of human taste, can add interest and fun in his writing; has been writing for more than 7 years and working as Urdu-English translator and transcriptionist.

2 thoughts on “Secrets of Long Lasting Relationship in Life”

  1. This is the main issue small children as well as adult have been experiencing all over the world, when they do not find love from their parents they resort to unlawful and wrong activities………………………you can understand what i am talking about here


  2. I have mad only a preview of this post. Later I will read this attentively. But now i see an awful pictures. When сouple yelling one for other in child presence – it ruins everything in a little kids personality. That must not be !


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